Tuesday, October 31, 2017

FlingGolf is Growing the Game at Military Golf Courses

(BOSTON) – Military facilities around the world provide great options for recreation, fun and fitness for service members and their families at very affordable prices. Golf courses on military bases provide one of the best recreational values of all.

Most military courses include everything a golfer needs: equipment rental, a driving range, putting greens, pro shop, and lessons. Military courses have to be self-sustaining and with the number of rounds declining, many courses are now offering FlingGolf as a way to increase play, recreation and revenue.

FlingGolf is a dynamic new sport where players fling a golf ball off the tee and down the fairway with a lacrosse-type FlingStick. It’s fun, inexpensive, non-intimidating and easy to learn making it an ideal game for active military personnel and their family members.

As former Commanding Officer of the Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Rear Admiral (Ret.) Mark Boensel became an expert on fulfilling soldiers’ health, welfare and recreation needs. Boensel serves on FlingGolf’s Advisory Board and has been instrumental in introducing the benefits of FlingGolf to the military.

“Rounds are down at our military courses and we need to fill them,” said Boensel. “There are no downsides to FlingGolf – it’s affordable, easy to learn, requires no modifications, doesn’t tear up the course, and provides an entree to conventional golf. It’s a great way to infuse energy back into the game.”

FlingGolf uses a lightweight, durable carbon fiber stick with a “head” or basket designed with a channel to hold the golf ball. There are three basic swing techniques: Sidearm/Baseball, Overhand/Lacrosse and Flop shot. On the green, putting becomes a pushing stroke with the ball nestled into the notch on the side of the FlingStick head and one hand down the shaft.

“The military is looking to get young service members outdoors and active while on break, away from their video games, smart phones and other electronics,” continued Boensel. “With FlingGolf, you only need one stick that weighs less than a pound – even on board a ship a sailor can find a place to put it.”

A standard FlingGolf shot will travel 150-200 yards or more and par on a course is the same as par for traditional golf. If the ball lands in a bunker or water hazard or out-of-bounds, a FlingGolfer must take a one-stroke penalty. The ball is put back in play by removing the ball from the bunker or hazard along the line of flight and taking the next shot. FlingGolfers learn the basics of the game and the rules without the expense and learning curve that comes with traditional golf.

Jon Fine, PGA Professional and Golf Course Manager at Windy Harbor Golf Club at Mayport Naval Station in Mayport, Fla., recently ordered Flingsticks.

“We are introducing FlingGolf in our Sports Challenge Cup competition this month – a quarterly event that involves 30-50 active-duty participants,” said Fine. “Fling is fun, cool and fast-paced. I really see the potential.”

Other military courses that offer FlingGolf include: Keesler AFB, Miss.; Fort Lee, Va.; Hickam AFB, Hawaii; Mayport NAS, Fla., and Oceana NAS, Va.

“FlingGolf is becoming a stand-alone hybrid sport that is growing rapidly across the United States and around the world,” says Alex Van Alen, CEO of PlusOne Sports and Founder of FlingGolf. “A few weeks ago we got an order for 24 sticks from the U.S. Army in South Korea and we’ve got courses going strong in Australia and New Zealand. We also enjoy a longstanding partnership with the National Golf Course Owners Association.” 

With more than 320 partner courses worldwide, FlingGolf is not only growing in popularity within the military but juniors, millennials, non-golfers and golfers alike are finding FlingGolf a fun and addicting sport. FlingGolf is a great alternative for wounded combat veterans who are going through rehabilitation and want to get outside on a golf course.   

“FlingGolf salutes our military and we currently manufacture a specially designed patriotic stick wrapped in the red, white and blue,” said Van Alen. “In honor of Veterans Day, FlingGolf is offering a 15 percent discount on our Patriot FlingStick.”

Getting started with FlingGolf is easy and fun for all ages. For more information, go to www.flinggolf.com

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