Friday, June 3, 2016

High Heat Driver Voted ING Conference Best Product

(BONITA, CA) – The highly decorated High Heat brand of metal woods from Knuth Golf added to its long list of awards at last week’s 26th Annual ING Spring Conference in Heber Valley, UT.

Attendees at this annual gathering of media and golf industry executives selected the High Heat Driver as the ING (International Network of Golf) Conference Best Product winner.CON BEST-Product

The awards just keep coming for the High Heat Driver, which was launched to rave reviews at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show. High Heat was named to more media top product lists than any other driver, and was called by Sports Illustrated Golf Writer Gary Van Sickle “the most significant technological innovation in golf equipment” from the show.

Knuth Golf again took the PGA Merchandise Show by storm this past January, introducing its High Heat fairway woods and Hybrids. Once again the reviews were extremely positive, with comments like “Incredibly easy to hit” and “hot-faced.”

Knuth Golf’s mission is to design and produce clubs that assist amateur golfers of all skill levels in their quest to get better and gain more enjoyment from golf.  Obviously that mission has been accomplished so far, as reflected in the awards and honors given to the High Heat family of metalwoods.

“The ING award is another validation of our efforts to build clubs that will help amateur golfers improve,” said designer Dean Knuth. “It means a great deal to be recognized by ING’s membership of high profile industry executives and media.”

Knuth, a former USGA Senior Director, designed High Heat metalwoods specifically with amateurs in mind because amateur golfers have much difference performance needs than the Tour pros. High Heat has 25% deeper and 18% lower CG than major brands, and features Optimal CG Changer and Fire Zone Face technologies. The Fire Zone Face Technology includes a unique face with a combination of seven different zones of variable thickness, including patented "parabolic" lobes at the top of the toe and heel of the face. This increases spring-like effect across the entire sweet spot zone while still conforming to USGA Rules and increasing the accuracy of High Heat.

High Heat’s 3-wood and hybrid feature a Beta Titanium cup face, providing a significantly increased spring-like effect across the entire face for extra distance and increased forgiveness compared to traditional steel faces. This is extremely important for amateurs who don’t always hit the center of the clubface.

After hitting the family of High Heat metalwoods at January’s PGA Show, golf writer Tony Dear wrote, “I was left wondering what Knuth knows that other manufacturers don’t.”

Knuth plans to launch #4-7 hybrids and a left-handed 3-Wood this summer, and a 5-wood this fall.

For more information about Knuth Golf, visit or call 410-353-0446.

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