Thursday, June 30, 2016

TRX Launches Innovative Golf Performance Program Using Body-First Approach

Golf Fitness Expert Trevor Anderson Utilizes TRX’s Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer to Build Stability, Mobility and Coordination for Better On-Course Performance

(SAN FRANCISCO) - TRX, the industry leader in functional training and creator of Suspension Training bodyweight exercise, today expanded its library of innovative sports-specific fitness programs to include golf. The “TRX for Golf” programming is led by renowned golf performance and fitness expert Trevor Anderson, who works with Lydia Ko – No. 1 LPGA Tour Player – and two-time World Long Drive Champion Tim Burke. TRX is providing golfers at every level a golf-specific fitness program, designed to accelerate game-improvement by focusing on the golf swing mechanics of stability, mobility and coordination.

Based on a body-first approach, “TRX For Golf” was developed by Anderson, a TRX Master Instructor and Director of Golf Performance for David Leadbetter’s elite golf academies, to help improve every aspect of a golfer’s game. Utilizing TRX’s Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer, Anderson targets stability, mobility and coordination as the key principles of each workout. The program is built on TRX’s seven foundational movements including lunge, squat, push, pull, hinge, plank and rotate to develop the power, efficiency and strength needed to hit the ball further and more consistent, ultimately improving golf performance.

“Whether you’re a golfer that wants to hit the ball further and score better or a trainer wanting to get the best out of a client, ‘TRX For Golf’ delivers practical movements to achieve higher levels of success in golf, no matter the goal,” said Anderson. “This program will help improve the most important areas of a golfer’s body allowing for efficient movement for the most effective, balanced swing while keeping the body healthy and safe.  As more and more top PGA Tour players focus on their fitness, it’s clearly evident their work off the course is drastically affecting results on the course. The program utilizes the same exercises being implemented by the best Tour players in the world, and TRX is providing a platform for all golfers to benefit.”

“TRX For Golf” programming, which is available as a digital download, provides consumers with three innovative workouts, utilizing the Rip Trainer, Suspension Trainer and other functional training tools. The Rip Trainer workout focuses on speed, rotation, and power, while the Suspension Trainer targets stability, mobility, and strength. To bridge the gap between Rip and Suspension Training, TRX provides a functional-based workout integrating bodyweight exercises, stretching and plyometrics, among other functional training tools to give consumers a solid foundation needed to excel with this program.

Each exercise in the workout is designed to establish a plank, which strengthens the core for stability that develops a strong posture when addressing the ball and setting up for a shot. Following the plank, TRX and Anderson lead consumers through stability, mobility and coordination exercises. These moves create upper body separation during the back swing, and lower body separation for a smooth transition to the down swing. They allow golfers to stay connected to the ground throughout their swing creating the proper impact position and a balanced follow through. These movements allow golfers to perform their swing efficiently and consistently, ultimately leading to a better golf swing and improved performance on the course.

“Combining the TRX Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer, two of the most functional fitness tools on the market, with the brilliance of Trevor Anderson’s deep-rooted golf knowledge allowed us to create an innovative program for golfers,” said Chris Frankel Head of Human Performance, TRX. “TRX is built on helping people move better no matter what activity they are doing. This program is designed for golfers of any level to make sure they can move better and achieve their goals on and off the course.”

TRX offers a “TRX Golf Bundle,” which includes a TRX Home Kit, TRX Rip Trainer, “TRX For Golf” programing, including three downloadable workouts for $289.95. The Suspension Training and Rip Training specific workouts can be bought individually for $4.95.

For more information on “TRX For Golf” programming, and to hit the ball further and more consistent, while keeping the body in peak physical condition to play longer, visit

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