Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ken Griffey Jr. Talks Golf in the Sports Illustrated 'Where are They Now?' Issue

(RELEASE) - Former MLB standout Ken Griffey Jr. is spotlighted on the regional cover of Sports Illustrated as part of SI’s “Where Are They Now” annual feature and ahead of his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

SI senior writer Ben Reiter profiles “The Kid” six years deep in retirement as he prepares for the baseball farewell he undoubtedly deserves in the Hall. Reiter spent time with Griffey Jr. at his home in Orlando and spoke to those close to him -- including his father Ken Griffey Sr. and former teammate and close friend Jay Buhner -- to present a rare in-depth look at the baseball superstar today. Griffey Jr. spoke to SI about everything from what it was like growing up the son of an MLB star to his playing days and the pranks he played on a rookie Alex Rodriguez to his thoughts on performance-enhancing drugs in baseball and his upcoming HOF induction and more.


From Reiter’s article, Griffey talks about his golf experience: - "He plays golf — a lot of golf.  He had recently returned from a four-day, 121-hole trip to Bandon Dunes, in Oregon. He’s yet to play Augusta, but not because of its exclusivity. “I can get there,” he says. "I just ain’t had a chance to go."

- Griffey Jr. talked to SI about his golf handicap: “I’m a 13 … Am I a 13? No. But I want you to write that… [Later, he admits] I’m a three. But when you write this, it’s gotta be a 13.” [The USGA indicates that he is a three.]

- Griffey Jr. spoke to why he’s reluctant to swing a baseball bat these days: “The whole thing is, my baseball swing messes up my golf swing … It’ll take me literally three days to get it back."

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