Saturday, January 26, 2019

Golf Pride Plus4 Technology Extended to the Tour Velvet, the Most Popular Grip on TOUR

(SOUTHERN PINES, NC) - Golf Pride a division of power management company Eaton and an industry leader in grip innovation, today announced it will be broadening availability with a new Tour Velvet Plus4 grip.

More than 90 percent of TOUR players build up their grip to promote lighter grip pressure and generate more power. The Tour Velvet Plus4 grips simulate the feel of four-layers of extra tape build-up creating a larger lower-hand profile that is preferred by TOUR players. In addition to the larger lower-hand profile, the reengineered grip optimizes high-performance materials while maintaining the iconic Tour Velvet feel. The grip maintains the recognized plus-sign texture with an increased dimple-to-surface ratio creating additional traction and enhanced durability.  

“More than 80 percent of TOUR players trust their games to Golf Pride, so we understand the preferences of the best players in the world better than anyone,” said Bruce Miller, product manager, Golf Pride. “Hands down, the most preferred grip that TOUR players choose to play is the Tour Velvet. We have taken the most popular grip on TOUR over the last two decades and tweaked it slightly based off insights from professionals on how they are customizing their performance equipment. Now all players can benefit from this design, while maintaining the trusted feel and performance they’re accustomed to in the Tour Velvet grip.”

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