Friday, March 3, 2017

High Heat’s New Hybrids Named February Product of the Month by Golf Talk Live Radio Show

(BONITA, CA) – It didn’t take long for High Heat’s new family of hybrids, launched at the recent PGA Merchandise Show, to gain recognition from golf’s media.

Following in the footsteps of the High Heat driver, #3 Hybrid and 3 fairway wood, Knuth Golf’s High Heat #4, #5, #6 and #7 hybrids wereHybrid face named Product of The Month in February by the award-winning Golf Talk Live radio show.

With a Beta titanium cup face, the High Heat hybrids have proven to provide a significantly increased spring-like effect across the entire face for extra distance and increased forgiveness compared to the industry standard steel face. The deeper and lower Center-of-Gravity (CG) makes the High Heat hybrids easier to hit because the CG angle is nearly 33% larger than the average of the leading models offered by all major brands.

The High Heat hybrids are the latest creation from Dean Knuth, the California-based inventor of the High Heat brand of clubs.  Knuth is also famous for inventing the USGA Course Rating and Slope System.  The Knuth Golf High Heat Driver, 3-wood and 3-hybrid have all been selected in the famous “Tony’s Top 10” from the PGA Show in 2015 and 2016, and this year he added the High Heat #4, #5,  hybrid toe#6, #7 High Heat hybrids and the new 5-wood to that prestigious list.

“I have raved about the titanium club face, which is a major improvement over the industry norm of using steel faces and producing hot launches and increased accuracy...even on off-center hits,” said Golf Talk Live host Tony Leodora. “The High Heat driver, 3-wood and #3 hybrid -- designed by Dean Knuth -- have already been named the "Best" at the PGA Show and "game-changers" for amateur golfers for the past three years.

“Dean has a passion to optimize the performance of amateur golfers who regularly miss the center of face and don't have Tour pros' swing speeds. Amateurs need High Heat's much lower and deeper Center of Gravity.”

Knuth and his partner Steve Trattner were thrilled to once again be honored by Golf Talk Live.

“Thanks again to Tony and his team for recognizing our objective of making golf easier and more fun for amateur golfers,” said Knuth. “Awards like this, and positive comments from the golfers who buy our clubs, embolden us in our mission.”

At, an online fitting is conducted to properly address the loft for the driver and which weight and flex is needed for the club shaft for any High Heat fairway wood or hybrid they purchase.

For more information about Knuth Golf, visit or call 410-353-0446.

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