Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Zero Friction Improves Upon Original 3-Prong, 4-Prong Tee Design with the New ZFT Maxx

(OAK BROOK TERRACE, IL) - Zero Friction made a name for itself in the golf industry in 2005 when it created the 3-prong and 4-prong Performance Tee. Golfers had not seen anything like it at the time.

“We eliminated 66% of the tee surface coverage to the ball which enabled more ball to club face at impact and increased feel,” said Zero Friction President John Iacono. “When tested at Golf Labs we proved the ball traveled 5 yards further and had 50% less dispersion.”

The unique invention significantly reduced the contact area between the tee and ball by 66%, leading to longer, straighter drives.

Over the years, the Zero Friction Performance Tee has remained a top choice among both amateur and professional golfers. In fact, since its debut in 2005, the Zero Friction Tee has been and remains the #1 performance tee on the PGA TOUR™ with over 70 PGA TOUR Victories.

This year, Zero Friction released the ZFT Maxx system tees. The new tees offer the same great design, distance and performance as the original 3 and 4-prong tees with 66% reduced contact area but are extra-large, extra thick and extra durable.

“The ZFT Maxx Tee is taking the market by storm,” said Iacono. “Golfers have noted that Zero Friction produce tees that give the most distance and accuracy of any tee in the market today.”

The ZFT Maxx tees are great for beginners and those who want easier ball placement on the tee; and are available in both 2-3/4" and 3-1/4" and a height system striping for easy placement.

Zero Friction currently manufacturers seven performance tees: Zero Friction Lock n Drive Tees, ZF Original 3-Prong, ZFT Maxx 3-prong tees, ZFT Maxx 4-prong tees, ZFT System Composite Tees, ZF Victory 5-Prong Golf Tees, and ZFX 4-Prong Golf Tees. All tees are eco-friendly products manufactured with 100% bio-composite materials.

Zero Friction golf tees are available in a host of colors and printing capabilities are available for customization. Zero Friction offers retail packaging as well as bulk packaging for private clubs.

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