Friday, September 23, 2016

The VICE Sports Guide to Pro Golf: Swing Coach

(BROOKLYN, NY) - VICE Sports debuted the VICE Sports Guide to Pro Golf, a brand-new series that explores the intricacies of professional golf and the significant figures out on the green turf. Presented by Callaway, VICE gets to follow our favorite golfers to learn the secrets that define them both on and off the course. For the inaugural episode of VICE Sports Guide to Pro Golf we head over to Akron, Ohio to follow the man behind the golfer: the swing coach.

Danny Lee is one of the more unique characters on the PGA Tour. The balance he strikes between goofball and pro golfer can be attributed to his Swing Coach, Drew Steckel. While the two are barely able to make it through a game of air hockey without butting heads, their friction has resulted in a top 100 ranking.

After learning the secrets and strategies the duo use on the course, they take a break and hit the arcade for some relaxation. Steckel reveals the success on the field comes from taking a break every so often.

Stay tuned for new episodes of VICE Sports Guide to Pro Golf coming out over the next few months, featuring Caddies, tour trucks and more.

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