Friday, September 16, 2016

Swingclick PLUS Top Seller on, Revolution Golf

(SOUTH AFRICA) - Swingclick PLUS, the 2nd generation of the #1 selling transition swing training device, has topped the sales charts again this summer on, Revolution Golf, Sportsman’s Supply and other online retailers. The South African manufacturer continues to grow and find retail success through its digital marketing and organic social media strategies as it prepares for brick and mortar distribution in the United States.

The proof is in the product. Swingclick PLUS is a simple and effective training device that improves one of the most elusive and key fundamentals in golf - your rhythm, tempo and consistency. The other key selling features -- the device is compact, portable and affordable. Simply strap it onto your forearm and swing using your own clubs. It’s easy and helps players of all levels develop a consistent, smooth, dependable golf swing.

Swingclick PLUS makes a clicking sound at three vital points of the swing:  the top of the backswing, at impact, and on the follow-through. Swingclick Plus clicks when you are in the correct position at the top of the backswing. As you transition into your downswing, a second click occurs at impact when striking the ball. A third click sounds when you have completed your full swing correctly ensuring a solid follow-through in a balanced position.

“To date rhythm has been an elusive concept, but Swingclick has found a solution to make rhythm logical and quantifiable,” said Mike Quinn, former Sunshine Tour member, teaching professional and managing director of Swingclick. “The secret to great rhythm is finishing your backswing consistently. When you finish your backswing, your hands, body and club are in sync, resulting in a great swing. The click at the top of the backswing provides golfers with the audible feedback to set their club in the same position every time. This gives golf instructors a tangible way to teach rhythm as part of their lessons.”

The new Swingclick Plus has a sleeker design that compliments the natural flow of the swing, the strap is completely adjustable making it one-size-fits all, and it is available in four different colors – blue, red, orange and purple.

With Swingclick PLUS, golfers will find practicing more fun as the device provides instant feedback. If the click sounds too soon, you can see, hear, and feel that your swing is too fast. Swingclick PLUS provides all three kinesthetic modes of feedback adding to its effectiveness as a training device. It scientifically trains your brain to help you master the tempo, timing and rhythm of your swing. With these combined sensory methods, the Swingclick PLUS helps golfers improve their golf swing more quickly with lasting results.

Swingclick PLUS is available for purchase at, (search Swingclick) and at The retail price for the Swingclick PLUS is $39.99 and the original Swingclick retails for $29.99.

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