Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sentio Golf Launches Innovative 'Sierra 101' Line of Putters

Will be available online and in select retail shops starting September 20

(Acton, MA) – After making their debut at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show in January, Sentio Golf has announced that their Sierra 101 line of putters will now be available for sale directly through the company’s website and at select retail shops starting today. The line of blade-style putters features Sentio’s patented floating face technology which improves distance control and feel for players of all skill levels.

The new line’s unique construction separates the entire stainless steel face from the rest of the putter head with a vibration-dampening thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) core, through a process called insert molding.

According to Jim Varney, President of Sentio Golf, “Insert molding requires extremely tight manufacturing tolerances, so our metal components are made to some of the highest dimensional standards in the industry. Our proprietary TPE formulation bonds the two metal parts permanently together while keeping them separated from each other without any contact. This softens impact while keeping some of the pop, which we have found is critical for good distance control.”

The Sierra line includes three models, each with a color-coded translucent core, so that players can select the feel that matches their preference and playing conditions:
- 101-Soft (green core) for players who usually prefer inserts or who regularly play on fast greens.
- 101-Medium (red core) for all-around conditions and a “goldilocks” middle-feel.
- 101-Firm (blue core) for fans of solid milled putters or who play on slower greens.

The difference in feel between the models is achieved by changing the durometer, or relative hardness, of the TPE which affects energy transfer to the ball. According to the company, the energy transfer of each putter, measured as Coefficient of Restitution or COR value, was developed to provide a range of feel that is not available with existing putters.

“Every player has an innate sense for distance control” explains Jim. “If you can match the tool to your expectations, it follows that you are going to make more putts.”

The geometry of the TPE core has been engineered to provide several performance benefits, including:
- TPE-filled grooves, visible in the back of the face, compensate for off-center hits by gradually softening the sweet spot from the ends to the center.
- A high Moment of Inertia (MOI), provided by the lower density TPE in the center of the head.
- A perpendicular alignment aid created by the visible TPE layer helps line up putts.

Sierra 101 putters are available directly through the company’s web store at Sentiogolf.com, and at select retailers as part of a “Fit by Feel” program.  At these retail shops, Soft, Medium, and Firm models will be available for the public to demo prior to purchase. All three Sierra 101 putters retail for $299. All feature 350g head weight, 2 degrees loft, 72 degrees lie, full offset plumber hosel, 4:00 toe hang, 304 stainless steel MIM & CNC face, 303 stainless steel forged and CNC milled body, satin silver PVD finish, and PURE midsize grip. Stock True Temper shafts are available in 33”, 34” and 35” lengths.

Sentio will be introducing a limited run of 100 special tour prototype putters called the Century Edition on September 27, featuring billet-milled 303 stainless steel body and a unique black bronze PVD finish. More information will be provided by the company at that time.

For more information: sentiogolf.com, @sentiogolf, and facebook.com/sentiogolf.

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