Thursday, September 8, 2016

Product Review: Nutritional Benefits of 1st, 10th Tee Bars and Glukos Whey Protein Bars and Powder

A journalism professor of mine enjoyed the phrase “garbage in, garbage out” when performing a search for public records. His meaning - if you don’t put the right information into the search, you’re not going to get the data you need on the other end. The same goes for nutrition. 

I was always one to reach for a candy bar and a Coke before a round of golf, or order a hot dog at the turn. While the sugar rush - along with the resulting crash - and bloated, sluggish feelings hampered my game, the longing for junk food won every time.

I’m older and, hopefully, wiser now, but I still love snacks. My choices have taken a healthier turn in recent years, though. 

Take, for instance, my pregame habit of reaching for a Snickers bar. While I still enjoy the occasional nougat beauty topped with caramel and peanuts, and covered in milk chocolate, I’m now taking down a 1st Tee bar from SCNS Sports Foods. Originally offered in two flavors - oatmeal raisin (my favorite) and chocolate peanut - a couple gluten-free bars (dark chocolate chip trail mix and honey almond) have joined the team.

At the turn, I now look to the aptly named 10th Tee bar, available in cranberry, peanut honey and chocolate peanut caramel (three key ingredients in the aforementioned Snickers bar). The green tea and panax ginseng extracts help sustain energy through the back nine. 

If I’m lucky, I golf once a week. Because I need to take care of myself the other six days, as well, I’ve found Glukos. Originally introduced to me a little more than a year ago through their Energy line, the whey protein powder and bars have become staples in my post-workout routine. 

The Cookies ‘N Cream is my favorite bar, but Rocky Road and Chocolate Peanut Butter are both loaded with flavor. As for powder, both chocolate and vanilla added to 8 ozs. of fat-free make a delicious shake.

I’ve long known about the benefits of whey protein in building lean mass and increasing strength, but it also can help in losing weight and preserving muscle. I like that it tends to reduce my hunger after a fat-burning session at the gym. Whey has been shown to lower levels of ghrelin - a hormone that tells your brain you’re hungry. 

Sticking with the researchers ... studies show whey protein can boost your immune system, reduce stress and even fight against some common forms of cancer, including prostate and colon!

You know the ills of fructose and sucrose, right? Why is glucose better? For one, glucose is what provides your muscles energy to repair themselves using protein. And the sooner you get glucose into your bloodstream after a workout, the sooner your muscles start repairing themselves to become stronger. Glucose (and Glukos) is absorbed immediately, starting in your mouth. Fructose and sucrose are digested in the intestines. That results in delayed absorption and by-products - Triglycerides (fat)
and Lactic Acid. Yuck!

Like always, know what goes into your body. No two people are the same, so take some time to do your own research and learn more about both companies and their products at the respective websites (SCNS Sports Foods) and (Glukos). 

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