Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Starting Time Removes Dirt, Grass Stains from the Golf Ball and Club Face with the Master Clean

Playing with a dirty ball and club face is a thing of the past with the combination ball and club cleaner

(OCEANSIDE, Calif.) - Golfers now have an affordable combination ball and club cleaner that is all wrapped up in a light-weight and durable package called the Master Clean. Developed by Starting Time, the Master Clean comes with a convenient clip that hangs from the golf bag or can be put in a golfer's pocket for quick access whenever he or she is on the course.

The Master Clean washes golf balls easily by wetting the inside surface and rolling it into a tube that the ball can be pushed through for quick cleaning. Serving dual purposes, the Master Clean also removes the dirt from the club face. Even the filthiest of clubs can be cleaned with the Velcro pad on the outside of the product that can be used to scrub the dirt off the surface and grooves

"We spent over a year developing the Master Clean, and couldn't be more pleased with the end result," explained Hugh Penton, president of Starting Time. "The product fulfills both jobs equally well, cleaning of the club face and golf ball; as evidenced by the exceptionally high approval rating from those that tested the Master Clean."

The specifics:
* Inexpensive cost at $9.95 SRP
* Removes dirt and grass stains that cover your golf balls
* Quickly removes dirt from club and face grooves
* Hangs comfortably on the golf bag using the Master Clean Clip
* Folds conveniently into a golfer's pocket
* Customization or branding available

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