Saturday, December 3, 2011

Product Review: Adams a12 Hybrids

Lee Trevino once held a 1-iron up to the sky when lightning was in the area. He joked, “Even God can’t hit a 1-iron.”

Go to your local Edwin Watts or Golf Galaxy. How many 1-irons do you see on the shelves? How many 2-irons do you see? There’s a pretty good chance your answer is “none.”

Now start looking at some of the sets of irons. Most have 3-irons, but a growing number of companies have now eliminated the 3-iron and traded it in for another wedge. Still others have swapped the 3-iron, 4-iron and, sometimes, 5-iron for hybrids?


Easy answer for anyone who has ever played the game: Long irons are hard to hit. More and more people have learned a related truth: Hybrids are easy to hit.

If you’ve made it to this paragraph, I’ve successfully grabbed your attention. You’re now considering the move away from your long irons and considering hybrid technology.

Question: Where do you begin?

Answer (with a question): Why not start at the top? Adams Golf.

Adams - recognized as the No. 1 hybrid on the PGA, Nationwide and Champions Tours - has introduced the Idea a12 Hybrids. Those are the pros, but 99 percent of population are not pros. Why would an amateur choose Adams ... and, more specifically, the Idea a12 Hybrids?

Well, the new Idea a12 hybrid feature something called Velocity Slot Technology (patent pending). This creates a spring-like effect across the entire face of the club to increase forgiveness and improve launch conditions.

Translation: Easier to hit.

According to Adams Golf, the Idea a12 Hybrid produces a higher launch and more ball speed than the [popular] Idea a7 Hybrid while not increasing spin thus increasing distance.

Easier to hit and longer?

While we did not have a a7 available, American Golfer has tested the a12 and a12 OS Hybrids and confirms both ease and distance.

OK, so hybrids - namely the Idea a12 Hybrids - are easier to hit and offer increased distance ... but what about some numbers? American Golfer took the Adams a12 and a12 OS hybrids to an indoor range and compared another company’s hybrid (Hy2), as well as a leading company’s long iron (L3i) (in this case, all 3-irons).

Here are the averages for 20 swings with each:
* a12 - 223 yards
* a12 OS - 224 yards
* Hy2 - 218 yards
* L3i - 215 yards

If you’re asking yourself if 8 or 9 yards is enough of a reason to switch, ask two more questions: Have you ever just missed carrying a pond, creek or bunker that guards the front of a green? How would an extra 8 or 9 yards have helped?

Some additional information from Adams Golf: The Idea a12 Hybrid will be available in four lofts - 17° 2 hybrid, 19° 3 hybrid, 22° 4 hybrid and 25° 5 hybrid. In conjunction with UST Mamiya, Adams Golf will be co-launching the ProForce VTS Silver hybrid shaft in A, R, S and X flexes in the Idea a12 Hybrid. The Idea a12 Hybrids will have an MSRP of $269.99.

American Golfer completely endorses the use of hybrids and Adams Golf is No. 1 for a reason - they work.

Recommendation: Don’t just replace your long irons with the Adams a12 Hybrids. Replace them, snap your irons in half and then tell all your buddies.

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