Friday, December 2, 2011

HITfit App to Revolutionize Hybrid and Iron Set Fitting

(PLANO, TEXAS) - Adams Golf, the maker of the #1 Hybrids on the PGA, Champions and Nationwide Tours, introduces HITfit - a free, Internet-based application that will allow club fitters to better assist golfers with their set composition. The application can take the data from only a few swings with a 6-iron and provide guidance to the fitter on how many hybrids that golfer should be playing to provide the optimal yardage gapping possible and overall set performance.

HITfit has two modes of fitting - Quick Fit and Complete Fit. The Quick Fit mode uses the golfer's launch data to quickly determine the integration point for hybrids and which hybrid design best fits the golfer's game. The Complete Fit mode uses the same launch monitor data along with the golfer's personal preferences to determine the optimal hybrid iron set configuration. Additionally, HITfit will provide a recommendation for fairway woods based on the data provided.

HITfit not only takes the guesswork out of the fitting process, it also allows the fitting process to be completed in a matter of minutes. The app uses launch data (ball speed, spin, launch angle and carry distance) from three or four good contacts with the golfer's 6-iron. It then compares this data with thousands of previous player tests to produce the optimal set composition.

"Our commitment to innovation and our leadership position in the hybrid and hybrid-iron categories led to the development of HITfit," said Chip Brewer, President and CEO of Adams Golf. "By now, almost all golfers realize that they should be using hybrids instead of long irons. However, most of us are confused as to the optimal transition point from irons to hybrids for our individual games. We also know that this transition point may change over time. HITfit solves this problem in a quick and technically correct manner. Fitting is the future of the golf industry and HITfit will be the leading tool for fitting hybrids into iron sets."

The HITfit app ( can be accessed by a fitting professional using the web browser on their computer or web enabled smart phone or tablet. Beginning in 2012, consumers can log onto the Adams Golf website ( to find a HITfit Certified fitting center in their area.


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