Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Glen Coombe debuts Vector Green Reading component to training

Vector Putting, green reading for the masses. "We do the math, you make the putts" is their slogan.

Glen Coombe, The Putting Doctor, announced the launch of his new Vector Green Reading business component.

He said, "I wanted to add a green reading component to complement what I do for students of the game. The goal was to add to my Money Back Guarantee Putting Experience clinics and my SAM PuttLab evaluations and training. Being able to add a historically proven method fit my needs to a tee."

Vector Putting is the culmination of the work of Col. H.A. Templeton. He published his book "Vector Putting - The art and science of reading greens and computing break" in 1984. Templeton was a US Air Force test pilot who was one of the first to fly three times speed of sound (Mach 3) in the SR71Blackbird high altitude reconnaissance aircraft. A proficient golfer he used his advance knowledge of physics to perfect the science of green reading. Templeton actually copyrighted the very first putt simulator for television back in 1988 but could not find a network interested in licensing the technology at the time.

Vector takes the science of green reading to a simple level and allows students to predict accurately the amount of break for any putt. Students are trained to interpret slope and speed and then to use a small aim book to verify the amount of break to allow for a given distance. Most putts can be read in less than 20 seconds.

"We've opened up the Early Adaptor program for instructors who would like to be certified to teach Vector Putting. For the next 30 days you can sign up via the web site, www.readgreens.com/pro-certification/early-adopters?affID=17 use password "faststart" to access the discounted payment portal. I'm happy to have been the very first East Coast instructor on the Vector Instructor Locator page."

Instructors receive recognition via a web locator on the VectorPutting.com web site and sufficient Vector Green Books to double their investment in certification.

Coombe said, "The clinic format for Vector learning will see students pay $99 for a 90 minute experience with 8-10 students per clinic. Already I'm seeing strong demand for this new sector of my coaching business. I think any instructor / coach should be interested in Vector and in putting as a way to improve the game."

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