Saturday, December 22, 2018

Product Review Golf Pride Tour Velvet with ALIGN technology

Golf Pride is the No. 1 grip used on the PGA Tour. Impressive, but what’s even more impressive is that Golf Pride doesn’t pay anyone to use their grips. Professional golfers can play any grip they’d like and they choose Golf Pride.

I recently replaced all of my grips with Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet with ALIGN technology and will never turn back. These beauties are truly unique:
Raised Ridge - When installed on a shaft, the red ridge rises and extends down the back of the grip to aid better hand alignment and more consistency, locking the hands in place every time.
Improved Clubface Awareness - ALIGN Technology locks in your hand placement for a consistent, square clubface throughout the swing, at address and impact.
Moderate Surface Texture - State-of-the-art rubber blend for maximum playability, and a scientifically designed non-slip surface pattern with plus sign texture that pulls moisture away from the surface to allow for consistent traction in all conditions.

Add the three together and you get ideal alignment, excellent feel and non-slip assurance.

Log onto to learn more about Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet with ALIGN technology. There are a dozen additional styles from which to choose and five grip sizes - standard, midsize, jumbo, undersize and junior - as well as three different materials - hybrid, all rubber and cord.

Want a new grip on your putter? Golf Pride has five different putter grips, too.

Make the switch today and find out why so many Tour pros trust Golf Pride.

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