Monday, January 8, 2018

Montana Parents Rally to Have Rule Changed for High School Golfers

A parent in Montana started a petition last summer on to protest how the high school association in the state (MHSA) forbids parents from watching their kids play golf. Apparently this ban has been going on here for more than 30 years and Montana is one of the only states in the country with such a rule.

The MHSA also forbids college golf coaches from scouting its kids, according to the parent.

Here is a link to the petition started:

The local CBS station in Bozeman Montana broke the story in November. It aired in two parts. Here are those links:

The petition now has more than 2,350 signatures, mostly from parents and student golfers around Montana. Hundreds of these people left comments on the petition site condemning the rule, including a PGA champion, an LPGA rules official and the parents of the 2017 PGA Rookie of the Year.

Despite the powerful public display of disapproval for this rule, it doesn't look like it will change anytime soon.

The Montana High School Association is holding its annual meeting January 15 and the golf rule is not on its agenda. The protest continues, however.

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