Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New GAME GOLF PRO Offers Unprecedented Shot Tracking for Golfers

Automotive-Grade Sensors and New Feats Provide Seamless Experience and Instant, Accurate Feedback

(San Francisco) – GAME GOLF, the #1 GPS stat tracker in golf, takes real-time shot tracking to the next level with the announcement of their third-generation technology GAME GOLF PRO, providing golfers with the ability to capture the most accurate shot data possible with absolute freedom.

Taking advantage of the industry’s most advanced shot-tracking technology is this easy: arrive at the first tee, turn on GAME GOLF PRO and play. Unlike earlier iterations, there’s no need to tap the GAME GOLF tags on your clubs on the sensor. All you have to do is play golf—and every shot, distance, and club used is automatically tracked.

Incorporating autonomous-grade sensors used by top automotive brands such as Tesla, GAME GOLF PRO is so smart that it can differentiate real shots from practice swings. GAME GOLF PRO also doesn’t miss shots and you don’t need to have your phone in your pocket, unlike competing systems. In fact, GAME GOLF PRO has its own battery and GPS included so you can leave your phone at home saving you data and battery life, if you choose.

GAME GOLF has remained the market leader in GPS-shot tracking through its relentless devotion to innovation, and by partnering with the PGA of America and leading components manufacturers such as NXP Semiconductors.

In designing GAME GOLF PRO, data was analyzed from two million rounds played by members of the GAME GOLF community in 137 countries. PGA of America and touring professionals provided valuable feedback from their experience with GAME GOLF, that has helped in the development of this product.

“We are proud to launch GAME GOLF PRO which fulfills our vision to
enhance the golfer's on-course experience in a way that's easy and convenient, and uses the best real-time shot-tracking capabilities available today,” said John McGuire, CEO and founder of GAME GOLF.

“Even though we created the GPS stat-tracking category and remain the market leader, we have been dedicated to enhancing the experience of using GAME GOLF so that golfers no longer had to tap their club on the GAME GOLF sensor. Now, you can just play golf, and GAME GOLF PRO accurately provides golfers with the best tracked data in the game today.

“Incorporating the latest technology from NXP Semiconductors, used in the autonomous motor industry by top car brands like Tesla, GAME GOLF PRO delivers reliable and accurate shot detection that is beyond the scope of competing systems.” McGuire added.


For those golfers who want to use their phones, GAME GOLF PRO has a rangefinder and the newly developed Smart Caddie feature.

Coming to market in 2018, GAME GOLF Smart Caddie helps golfers make data-driven decisions based on your previously tracked performance by recommending clubs and hole strategy. Competing systems give you a recommendation for how to play a hole. Smart Caddie takes it one step further, providing you with recommendations for every shot you face on a hole. And there is no manual entry required.

With Smart Caddie, it’s like having a personal caddie who considers every shot you’ve ever hit, has identified all of your tendencies and understands the course. Smart Caddie can even calculate the effect of weather and elevation in making its recommendations.

“GAME GOLF is the ultimate tool in providing golfers with personal data that allows them to match their game to the challenges the course is presenting,” McGuire said.


Designed with the input of PGA of America Golf Professionals, the new GAME GOLF Coaching Dashboard not only allows you to accurately determine the parts of your game that need improvement, but it also makes it easy to share your data with your PGA Professional.

“The Coaching Dashboard allows players and coaches to speed the improvement process by tracking a player’s strengths, weaknesses and tendencies on one page. It also allows the PGA Professional to build lesson plans based on a player’s on-course performance analytics rather than having to rely solely on analyzing a golfer’s swing,” McGuire said.

With GAME GOLF, friends, parents and your PGA Professional miles away can stay informed as soon as you walk off the 18th green. Once your round is completed, your selected network will receive an email notification with a complete round analysis. This allows your PGA Professional to stay on top of your growth and provide timely feedback that can help you make adjustments that lead to better golf.


GAME GOLF INTELLIGENCE puts a new spin on the GAME Golf tag line of ‘Know Your Game.’ GAME GOLF INTELLIGENCE provides the golf industry with a tool it can use to lower maintenance costs, increase pace of play, improve course set-up and playability, and make courses safer.

“By drawing on our database of more than two-million rounds—the richest source of tracked rounds golf—GAME GOLF INTELLIGENCE makes it possible for course owners, club management, superintendents and golf architects to respond to how golfers are actually experiencing their course,” McGuire said. “Our tag line for GAME GOLF INTELLIGENCE is ‘Know Your Course.’

 “It’s another example of how GAME GOLF technology is not only helping golfers have more fun and improve their games, but it’s also helps grow and improve the game.”

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