Friday, September 9, 2016

Kentwool Wants to 'Make America's Feet Great Again' with New 19th Hole Collection

New Casual and Business Sock Collection Features Designs that Pay Homage to Democrats, Republicans and ‘Old Glory”

(GREENVILLE, S.C.) — As election season approaches, KENTWOOL, maker of the “World’s Best Golf Sock,” announced today that its new 19th Hole Collection would feature a series of “Politico Socks” allowing people to not only wear their political party affiliation on their sleeves this Fall, but also on their feet.  The 19th Hole Politico Socks feature three fun, new designs in Democrat Blue (with Donkey), Republican Red (with Elephant) or a 3rd party choice that features a more unifying American Flag colorway.

“With all of the dirty laundry that has surfaced about candidates on both sides of the aisle, we thought Americans would relish something clean, odor-free and stain resistant this election season,” said Dan Murphy, president of KENTWOOL.   “Our 19th Hole collection is designed to allow wearers to enjoy the same comfort and performance they do from our Tour-series with style that is more conducive to the conference room, the clubhouse or the Oval Office. Beyond our limited edition Politico socks, we also offer a fantastic range of more traditional designs and colors for the less politically-inclined.”

KENTWOOL’s 19th Hole Collection socks are constructed from a proprietary blend of Super Fine Merino Wool and other natural and high-tech performance fibers.

The new KENTWOOL 19th Hole Collection will be available September 12th exclusively at All 19th Hole Collection socks feature a retail price of $19.99. Much to the delight of a certain presidential candidate, it doesn’t matter if you have big feet or small feet, because the 19th Hole Collection is available in both men’s L and XL sizes.

Since 2008, KENTWOOL has been manufacturing the “World’s Best Golf Sock,” just outside of Greenville, SC.  Drawing on over 150 years of mastery in wool manufacturing, KENTWOOL leverages the attributes of wool, nature’s performance fiber, for unmatched comfort and performance in the sock category. For more information on the KENTWOOL brand, visit

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