Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hank Haney Goes Long with Action Sports Stars

(VIDEO) - Today we are releasing a 3-part YouTube series starring Hank Haney teaching action sports stars Corey Bohan (BMX), Alex Midler (skate) and Steel Lafferty (wake) how to hit a golf ball further than they ever imagined. As you can imagine, there were also some bad swings!

All three episodes are live at

Check out each of the episodes:

Titled “Distance Lab” and in collaboration with Callaway, here’s how they improved:
• Steel Lafferty – a wakeboarding star who wants to play on the PGA Tour: improved 281 to 320 yards.
• Corey Bohan – a three-time X Games gold medal BMX rider: improved 208 to 275 yards.
• Alex Midler – an 18-year old rising star in the skateboarding world: improved 191 yards to 266 yards.

There was also a surprise cameo by two-time world long drive champion Jamie Sadlowski, who provided tips and inspiration.

Here’s a breakdown of the episodes:
· In Ep.1, Hank Haney meets the three athletes and observes them hitting drives to get a sense of their games. After seeing one of the guy’s swings, Haney says, “we can always send out a search party.”
· In Ep. 2, the athletes visited Callaway’s Distance Lab to analyze impact characteristics and get a baseline reading of their swings. Hank and his team gathered data to help increase distance, and the athletes added speed and forgiveness with the XR 16 driver.
· In Ep. 3, it was competition day to see who had the most impressive improvement, with Steel Lafferty taking the crown. His max club head speed turned out to be higher than an average PGA Tour pro (120 mph).

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