Friday, June 3, 2011

Zero Restriction Announces ZR-290x Performance Enhancing Shirts

(SHELTON, Conn.) - Zero Restriction announces the arrival of ZR-290x performance enhancing shirts. The brand notorious for its quality and technological advancements in golf outerwear and sportswear has made yet another breakthrough in the golf apparel industry. Enter the ZR-290x tech wear collection.

Bioactivity technology is improving the performance of professional golfers and other professional athletes alike. Zero Restriction's proprietary treatment is embedded into the fibers of the ZR-290x polo's. The technology is designed to promote circulation, flexibility, balance and recovery. ZR-290x polo's provide the wearer with physiological benefits never found in apparel before.

"ZR-290x technology harnesses specific formulations of bio-energy and infuses them into the fabric of the garment, dramatically enhancing the shirt's bioactivity. ZR-290x technology is directed toward maintaining and sustaining the core energy your body requires to perform at the highest level," said Creative Director of Zero Restriction, Billy Draddy.

Aside from improving one's physical well-being, the ZR-290x tech wear collection features design elements that appeal to the most fashion conscious golfer. Consisting of six different styles, with a mix of cut & sew and knit collars, and a seasonal color pallet, the ZR-290x tech wear collection offers the customer a wide range of product to choose from.

"At Zero Restriction, we continue to create innovative products that provide our players with a competitive advantage. ZR-290x takes this to the next level. We're anxiously anticipating the launch of our ZR-290x tech wear collection and expect to see a positive reaction in the market," said President of Zero Restriction, Andy Bell.

The first delivery of the ZR-290x tech wear collection is scheduled to hit the shelves on Father's Day. In conjunction with the product launch, Zero Restriction athletes; Bo Van Pelt, John Rollins, Hunter Haas and Charles Warren will sport the ZR-290x polo's during upcoming PGA TOUR events. Hunter immediately realized the benefits of playing in ZR-290x during last week's Byron Nelson Championship where he drove golf ball an average of 10.2 yards further than he has all season!

"Wearing ZR-290x really helped me maintain smooth tempo and timing during all four rounds of play," said Haas.

ZR-290x tech wear, along with the rest of Zero Restriction sportswear can be found on-line at and in the finest clubs and resorts around the world.


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