Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Energy Athletic Golf Introduces Revolutionary Game Improvement Technology in New Apparel Line

Paul Azinger

Golf apparel scientifically engineered to increase focus, power, energy-and accelerate recovery - set to debut this summer

(SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.) - Golfers are always searching for a product that will give them a competitive advantage on the course. It may be the latest new golf club or something to help improve their swing. Now it's something that hangs in their closet.

Performance Sports Brands, Inc. is leading what it calls a revolution in terms of the apparel that will be available to golfers. The company has announced Energy Athletic Golf, the first golf apparel that provides a true technological and competitive advantage for every golfer. The exclusive and patented IonX Ionized Energy Fabric features a negatively charged, electromagnetic field embedded into its structure. The intelligent fabric stimulates the delivery of oxygen to the muscles through the bloodstream and brain, which is designed to provide golfers with increased energy, strength, focus and accelerated recovery.

Energy Athletic Golf will debut this summer with a national television campaign produced by Performance Sports Brands' acclaimed golf production and marketing company, The Golf Agency.

There have been similar claims in different sports and health areas with bracelets or necklaces, but nothing that features the measurable and proven negative ion output provided by Energy Athletic Golf. The new line of short- and long-sleeved shirts provides more than 400 times the amount of surface coverage as necklaces and bracelets on the market, resulting in a completely new and effective way to help energize and benefit a golfer during each round they play.

Paul Azinger, one of the most popular and successful professional American golfers of the past 20-plus years, has chosen to wear Energy Athletic Golf and appear in the company's commercials.

"Energy Athletic Golf is unlike any other apparel," said Azinger, captain of the storied 2008 Ryder Cup team and winner of 12 PGA tour events, including the 1993 PGA Championship. "The golf shirt gives you a measurable, science-based, performance advantage. It really is a game improvement product that also happens to be a great looking, great feeling golf shirt. I am excited to be involved with this completely new category in golf."

This performance advantage was apparent when a PGA Tour player, wearing Energy Athletic for the first time, enjoyed a top-ten finish at the 2011 Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The negative ions present within the fabric of each Energy Athletic Golf shirt allow for faster recovery time between shots, granting golfers the ability to maintain their power throughout an 18-hole round. Dr. Al Ouimet, PhD. of Polymer Chemistry and Chief Scientist for Energy Athletic Golf touts the power of negative ions.

"Wearing Energy Athletic Golf allows the athlete to sustain a workout for a greater period of time, and then have a much more rapid recovery time," said Ouimet, who was the lead scientist on the team that created the Fastskin Swimsuits for Speedo. "Golfers will feel less sore due to a reduction of lactic acid in the muscles, and will enjoy a feeling of wellbeing due to the negative or "happy" ions in the Energy shirts. Based on studies, I believe golfers wearing these shirts will be able to enjoy increased power or energy output and speed, feel better and sustain their energy levels for the entire 18 holes."

According to Ouimet, the use of microfiber fabrics in Energy Athletic Golf provides comfort and outstanding "hand feel" and garment drape. In addition, these shirts offer performance factors such as moisture management, wicking (wicking fabrics are fabrics that actually lift moisture away from the skin), elimination of static cling and antimicrobial for odor control. The science behind Energy Athletic Golf also allows the wearer to feel warmer in cooler climates and to feel cooler in warm climates.

But what does all this mean for golfers?

A double-blind study conducted at the Sport Technology Lab located at Loughborough University in England concluded that athletes wearing the IonX fabric received a significant 2.7 percent increase in power output.

"Every golfer is looking for an advantage. And I believe you get that with Energy Athletic Golf," said Azinger. Who doesn't want to play better and feel better and now you can do it just by wearing a great looking shirt. You really have to wear an Energy shirt to feel it for yourself."

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