Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sundog named Official Eyewear of the Palmer Cup

Sundog Eyewear has been chosen as the Official Eyewear of the Palmer Cup. The 15th annual Ryder Cup format competition between collegiate golfers from the United States and Europe will be played at The Stanwich Club, Greenwich, Conn., June 9 -11.

The United States team will be presented with Sundog Eyewear Hunter Mahan Signature Series H EVO Mela-Lens sunglasses. The European players will receive Sundog Eyewear Hunter Mahan Signature Series H Mela-Lens sunglasses.

“My partner, Sundog Eyewear is proud to be the Official Eyewear of the Palmer Cup,” said Hunter Mahan, who represented the USA in the 2002 Palmer Cup. “We are excited to present all the players with a pair of my Signature Series sunglasses featuring Mela-Lens technology, the exact lenses I wear on Tour. I wish everyone the best of luck in what I know will be a great week.

Since 1997, golf legend Arnold Palmer has lent his name to the Golf Coaches Association of America event and he not only attends the matches, but also oversees site selection. Mr. Palmer, along with CBS golf announcer Jim Nantz, and the team coaches will be presented with Sundog Eyewear Mela-Lens Photochromic sunglasses.

“We at the Golf Coaches Association of America [GCAA] very much appreciate the involvement and support of Sundog Eyewear not only in the Palmer Cup but in the GCAA’s Skin Cancer Awareness video for college and junior golf,” said Gregg Grost, CEO of the GCAA. “Through the generosity of Sundog Eyewear, a copy of the Skin Cancer Awareness DVD has been sent to 700 men’s college golf head coaches and to leading junior golf partners across the country.”

To learn more about the GCAA’s initiatives, visit http://collegiategolf.com.

For 2011, Mahan and Sundog Eyewear continue the evolution of golf eyewear with his dramatic new H EVO Series.

Reflecting Hunter “H” Mahan’s flair on and off the course, H EVO sets the new standard for cutting edge style with uncompromising Mela-Lens performance and protection.

Sundog Eyewear’s Mela-Lens Photochromic sunglasses offer superior performance with embedded halide technology that reacts to ultraviolet light intensity, gradually darkening in high levels of UV light and fading in low UV light surroundings. Unlike other light transitive lenses, Sundog Eyewear’s Mela-Lens Photochromic offer all the benefits associated with regular Mela-Lens technology to maximize visual comfort.

“Mela” is short for Melanin, a naturally produced pigment that acts as a sunscreen protecting the skin from ultraviolet light. In partnership with BNL Sun Lenses, an Essilor company, Sundog Eyewear has created the Sundog Mela-Lens lines utilizing synthetic melanin to produce state-of-the-art melanin lens technology. Mela-Lens absorbs light seamlessly over a broad spectral range providing 98 per cent blue light filtration with no color distortion, and 100 per cent UVA/B protection. Mela-Lens features BNL Sun Lenses Eternity Hard Coat for superior abrasion resistance.
For more information about the Palmer Cup visit www.palmercup.org.

To view the entire 2011 Sundog Eyewear Collection visit www.sundogeyewaer.com.

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