Monday, September 21, 2009

Personal Golf Ball Imprinting System Released by Tin Cup Products

(FAIRFAX, Va.) - Tin Cup Products announced the release of the brand new Tin Cup Personal Imprinting System that allows the golfer to "make your mark." Tin Cup allows a golfer to create a personalized ball marker using a logo of his or her choice. Standard designs are available at or a personalized cutout can be requested online as well.

Per the USGA Rule (12-2) that requires golfers to be able to "identify" their ball during play, the Tin Cup allows the golfer to make their mark. The Tin Cup is composed of a 100 percent stainless steel shell that is then personally engraved with any type of logo or initials. The Tin Cup is then placed over the golf ball and the golfer can trace the mark onto their ball with a permanent ink pen.

Company spokesman, Cabell Fooshe, said, "The unique thing about the Tin Cup is that it allows golfers to personalize their own golf ball and it also makes it very easy to identify the ball out on the golf course."

The Tin Cup is 100 percent Made in the USA and patent pending. The company is marketing the product online, in golf shops and in golf retail stores. Visit their Web site at for more information.


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