Thursday, September 10, 2009

Now Three GolfStretcher Models

Fitness and flexibility are two of the most important factors to playing good golf. Most golfers spend little to no time warming up on the range before their round. A few minutes spent on the putting green does not help the whole body warm up. So is there a product on the market that can warm up the arms, shoulders, and back muscles in five minutes so golfers can hit long and straight right out of the gates? Yes.

The GolfStretcher is a revolutionary stretching device that is being tested by over 150 PGA Tour players and has been effectively warming up golfers of all ages for years. It is designed to be used for only minutes a day to increase flexibility in the shoulder turn - creating more distance off the tee. Many golfers believe the easiest way to add yards to their drives is by buying expensive golf equipment. While name brand drivers might guarantee more forgiveness, "buying distance" is simply impossible. Hitting the ball farther involves solid contact and a quick swing speed. Contact comes with consistency and swing speed comes from flexibility - something that nearly every golfer wishes he or she had more of. The GolfStretcher will increase the range of motion in the shoulders, arms, and back muscles to create a long and smooth backswing that will lead to increased club head speed and longer drives.

The flexibility exercises the GolfStretcher offers are designed to create muscle memory and promote a more consistent swing that can be repeated through the entire round. Most golfers would admit to feeling as though they swing differently on every shot. That is because they haven't correctly grooved their swings. Just minutes a day with the GolfStretcher will change that commonality felt by most golfers: inconsistency.

Recently, the GolfStretcher Team has introduced the "3 Product Family" to provide a customized GolfStretcher option for everyone. The "Original", "Pro", and "Tour" editions will now fit every size, stature, and level of flexibility as well as offer a wide price range to fit every budget.

1.) GolfStretcher "Original" - features rotating handles and is 36 inches long…it is far more effective than any golf club and will fit in many golf bags. $29.99

2.) GolfStretcher "Pro" - features rotating handles, a rotating shaft, and is adjustable in length from 24 to 36 inches. Since it collapses to 24 inches it will fit in most golf bags. The rotating shaft provides a more extensive stretching opportunity than the "Original" edition. $59.99

3.) GolfStretcher "Tour" - features rotating handles, a rotating shaft, and is adjustable from 24 to 45 inches. This extra width accommodates larger individuals, those less flexible, or those who desire to work their maximum range of motion. (Price includes a complementary GolfGrasp) $89.99

All editions are recommended by Golf Fitness Magazine and offer online video instructions at


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