Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Knetgolf Saves Golfers More Than $20 Million To Date in 2009 on Their Golf Ball Purchases

Market Leader on Track for Best Year Despite Down Economy

(TORONTO, Ontario) – Knetgolf – the world’s largest combined recycler and refinisher of premium, pre-owned, brand-name golf balls – reports a year-to-date customer savings in excess of $20 million, averaging more than a dollar per ball.

Projected to sell a company-best 20 million golf balls in 2009 across North America and in 30 countries, Knetgolf’s sophisticated recycling process provides consumers with quality, unblemished balls at significant discounts.

Examples of average savings per dozen include:
• Titleist ProV1: $25
• Nike One Platinum: $20
• Callway Tour ix: $20
• Bridgestone Tour B330: $20

These market-leading figures illustrate Knetgolf’s dedication to growing access to the sport by providing golfers with quality brand-name golf balls at half the price. As result, many customers order dozens of golf balls over a season and realize more than $130 each in annual savings.

“Right now, it’s very difficult for many golfers to spend $40 per dozen,” says Gary Shienfield, CEO of Knetgolf. “Our balls, in many cases, were hit just once and lost, so neither performance nor appearance is affected. The major difference is Knetgolf leaves consumers with extra money in their pockets for other essential purchases.”

Recovered from more than 2,000 exclusive golf resorts mainly in Arizona, California and Nevada, the golf balls undergo Knetgolf’s proprietary and leading-edge cleansing process to ensure top condition. The refurbished Titleist, Callaway, Nike and others are then graded Mint, “A,” “B” or “C” and offered at half price or better directly to the golf public at
Through its wholesale division,, Knetgolf supplies refinished and refurbished brand-name golf balls to mass-merchant retail chains, golf-specialty shops, pro shops and internet retailers in more than 30 countries. Many merchandisers realize greater margins and sell-through over new golf balls due to the aggressive price points and product quality.

Golfers lose more than one billion balls yearly and 4.5 balls per round on average, according to industry estimates.


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