Monday, September 28, 2009

California State Golf Association Formed to Benefit CA Golfers

(SAN DIEGO) - This marks the start of a new golf association in California, The California State Golf Association. The CSGA is the first alternative association available to golfers in over 80 years. Starting this September, golfers will be able to benefit from the CSGA's new outlook on golf services at a lower cost. The CSGA is committed to utilizing cutting edge technology, and promises to work with member courses to develop programs and increase member play.

While the organization and its approaches are fresh, the CSGA staff and executive team are not new to the golf industry. Executive Director Ray Tippet brings over 23 years of knowledge in golf administration to the CSGA. Tippet has worked closely with most of the golf courses in the Southern California region. As a member of the USGA Handicap Procedures Committee and the USGA Handicap Committee, Tippet also has experience with handicapping services on a national level. Tippet states, "We understand that in today's current economic climate many are concerned with minimizing expenses. The CSGA has implemented a business model that allows us to provide top-notch service and quality local support for our members at an affordable cost."

In 2010, other golf associations will be mandated without option to switch to a different system for handicap computation services. Recognizing that many clubs have become accustomed to the handicapping system currently in place, CSGA has retained the services of Integrated Data Company, who has provided handicapping services to all clubs in Southern California for over 40 years. The IDC system allows golfers to post scores, receive index revision emails, view the Golfer's statistical package, and see trends calculated on the web. The CSGA has also hired Lori Atchley of IDC Help Desk in order to provide local support for our clubs. Atchley is prepared to offer the same excellent service and support that Southern Californians have become accustomed to. "I have used the IDC system for over 7 years and have been very pleased with the services. As a Handicap Chair, I have all the tools necessary to preview and make necessary changes without delay. As a member, I have instant access to all that I need on the Internet. The IDC system provides super features for the 'Real Time' world we live in." Bob Rudy, Handicap Chair of the President's Club

A distinct aspect of the CSGA is the diversity among board representatives. The CSGA board consists of men and women that vary in age, ethnicity and socioeconomic backgrounds. With this wide range of perspectives, the CSGA board is able to provide a more representative voice for all golfers. "I simply wanted to be involved with an association that has years of experience and mirrors the diversity of the citizens of our great state." Marsha Lee, Board Member of the CSGA
The California State Golf Association is a non-profit organization established to provide golf clubs and individual members with a new alternative to golf administration. With over fifty years of collective experience in the industry, the CSGA executive team is proud to provide members with handicapping, tournaments and club based programs. The CSGA's philosophy is to make the golfing experience a positive one for all by putting the golfer and golf clubs first and developing core programs that operate on cutting edge technology. For more information, visit the CSGA website:


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