Wednesday, August 23, 2023

New App Uses Computer Vision to ID Golf Balls

ScanMyGolfBall shares hidden details with golfers

(WESTMINSTER, MD) — SMGB Technologies, LLC has launched their flagship smartphone app called ScanMyGolfBall which uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to help golfers identify the best golf balls for their individual level of play.

“Playing with the wrong golf ball can cost you hundreds of yards per round,” says Tim Chase, CEO of SMGB Technologies and avid golfer. “But knowing all the details about every ball is impossible, so I just thought, what if I could scan a ball with my smartphone and have it tell me if it’s a good fit, or not?”

ScanMyGolfBall allows users to point their smartphone camera at the golf ball for details about greenstopping spin, drive distance, compression and construction, which is paired with a ball fitting tool that understands how each player’s level of game fits with the scanned ball for over 300 known golf balls in circulation in the new and secondary markets. The app will also make recommendations about which currently manufactured golf balls are a best fit for that golfer.

Chase is the founder and chairman of WMS Partners, a wealth management firm based in Towson, Maryland. He developed the golf ball database over the past several years and then partnered with technologist and fellow golfer Graham Dodge to create the patent-pending computer vision application.  Dodge is the top executive for two technology development nonprofits, founder of a robotics makerspace in Maryland, and a mentor-in-residence at Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures.

“The app’s AI architecture is designed to get smarter with use,” says Dodge. “Not only will it recognize more golf balls over time, but it will learn to detect damage on the surface of a ball to predict its playability on the course and its resale value for the secondary market.”

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