Tuesday, August 29, 2023

U.S. and European Flag Engravings Now Available on Vokey SM9 Wedges

(CARLSBAD, Calif.)
– Custom, laser-etched American and European flag designs are now available for a limited time on Vokey Design SM9 wedges, providing golfers the opportunity to show their support for Team United States or Team Europe while gaming the tour’s most trusted wedges. 

The U.S. and European flag designs can be selected as a custom engraving on any Vokey SM9 wedge with a Brushed Steel finish and ordered through WedgeWorks on Vokey.com, now through Oct. 13. Each wedge comes with the option to choose a matching shaft band. 

The longstanding most played wedge on the PGA TOUR, Vokey Design wedges will once again be the top choice across the U.S. and European rosters, including the two newest major champions:

Wyndham Clark (U.S. Open) and Brian Harman (Open Championship). 

As a gift from Master Craftsman Bob Vokey and Vokey tour rep Aaron Dill, Vokey wedge players on each team will be receiving a custom SM9 wedge laser-etched with their respective flag design to commemorate their place in history. 

CHOOSING THE RIGHT VOKEY WEDGES: Vokey SM9 wedges provide the ultimate in shot versatility through seven tour-proven grinds – F, S, M, K, L, D and T – allowing golfers to find the right grind to match their swing and playing conditions. Playing properly fit wedges is one of the fastest ways for golfers to hit it closer and shoot lower scores, providing them the best turf interaction, contact and shot performance. 

There are a total of 25 different loft/bounce/grind options in the Vokey SM9 matrix, available in both right and left hand. 

VOKEY WEDGE SELECTOR: The Vokey Wedge Selector tool on Vokey.com helps golfers select the proper loft, bounce and grind options for their swing and course conditions. Vokey recommends that golfers visit their local Titleist fitter to confirm the results. Experience the Vokey Wedge Selector tool at: 


WEDGEWORKS CUSTOMIZATION: As a custom WedgeWorks offering, there are options for further customization in addition to the laser-etched engraving. Golfers can customize their wedge’s grip, shaft, ferrule, swingweight, shaft

 etching, shaft band and loft and grind paintfill for additional upcharges. Due to the U.S. and Europe Flag design’s finish and engraving, custom stamping, toe engraving, weightporting and hand ground options are not available.  

FINISH: Brushed Steel 

LOFT AND GRIND OPTIONS: All 25 in-line SM9 loft and grind options are available for order: 46.10F, 48.10F, 50.08F, 50.12F, 52.08F, 52.12F, 54.10S, 54.12D, 54.14F, 56.08M, 56.10S, 56.12D, 56.14F, 58.04T, 58.08M, 58.10S, 58.12D, 58.14K, 60.04T, 60.04L, 60.08M, 60.10S, 60.12D, 60.14K, 62.08M. 

AVAILABILITY: Vokey.com, August 29th – October 13th  


PRICING: $199 (includes engraving and shaft labels) 

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