Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Limited Edition “Straight From the Tour Van” Exotics EXS Pro Forged Irons, EXS Blade Irons/Blade Wedges Announced by Tour Edge

(RELEASE) — Tour Edge officially introduces the Exotics EXS Pro Forged Irons, EXS Blade Irons and EXS Blade Wedges featuring forged designs with CNC milling.

The tour-inspired irons feature the very latest in golf club design innovation for the highest levels of ultra-premium performance from the company that has earned 22 victories and over 150 different players using their equipment on the PGA Tours.

These limited-edition Exotics irons designed by Tour Edge founder and Master Club Designer David Glod are fine works of craftmanship that utilize only the finest materials and precise CNC milling.
The goal of the new designs by Glod were to combine tour-level inspired looks and feel with advanced materials and innovation to produce the most forgiveness and distance possible in a player’s iron. The result was a new level of forged irons and wedges that cannot be found in regular production irons: individually milled irons made from Carbon Steel and engineered for players who look for the ultimate in control and shot shaping.

“We received enormous demand for player’s irons after putting our focus on game improvement hollow-body irons with the EXS 220 releases,” said Glod. “As a club designer, I love player iron designs that are as beautiful as they are playable. These three designs were made to be irons that are drooled over by the core golfer, not only in looks and feel, but in how they perform.”

The new ultra-premium, high-performance Exotics EXS Pro Forged Irons, EXS Blade Irons and EXS Blade Wedges will be available for purchase on June 1, 2020 through select Tour Edge retailers and custom club fitting locations.

“We used a lot of feedback from the PGA Tour and tested these irons with our professional staff, as well as with extensive robotic testing,” said Glod. “I can report back that we have three winners across the board. I believe that the milled forged iron connoisseurs out there are going to be very impressed with the playability we were able to combine with a traditional forged feel.”
Exotics EXS Pro Forged Irons

The Exotics EXS Pro is a forged cavity back iron made with higher-grade Japanese S25C Carbon Steel that delivers a soft feel and maximum forgiveness in a player’s iron design.

The forged face is CNC milled for perfect flatness and the grooves on the face are also precisely CNC milled.

Classic Shaping - The shape of the EXS Pro Forged is more compact with a shorter heel to toe, yet with a slightly thicker top line than the EXS Pro Blade for more forgiveness, while still being on the thin side to maintain a tour-preferred player’s shape.

CNC Milling - The square grooves are CNC milled for 100 percent USGA compliant grooves. The cavity in the EXS Pro irons is designed for a higher MOI and forgiveness by CNC milling to insure the deepest cavity possible in a player’s iron.

Carbon Steel/Triple Forged Weight Pads - Forged 25C Carbon Steel is chrome plated for the highest-grade forged steel that delivers the best in looks and an extremely soft feel. A triple- forging technique provides a thinner center and creates heel & toe weight pads for more forgiveness and more consistent ball speeds.

Tungsten Toe Weighting - The stunning EXS Pro forged iron features a 10-gram Tungsten toe weight in the 3-6 irons. The Tungsten toe weight elongates the sweet spot even further for maximum forgiveness on the face of the long irons.

Acoustic Engineering - The cavity insert is electro-formed and combines steel, ABS polymer and a dampening gel for an improved sound and feel on the forged EXS Pro irons.
Stock Shafts:

True Temper Elevate Tour VSS Pro: R-flex, S-flex True Temper Dynamic Gold 105: R300, S300

Grip: GolfPride Tour 360

The suggested retail price for the Exotics EXS Pro Forged Iron is $149.99 per iron for the stock shafts.

Exotics EXS Blade Irons Featuring Milled Forging

The Exotics EXS Pro Blade is a timeless muscle-back iron design that delivers a tour-preferred feel, while placing more of the buttery soft-feeling S25C Carbon Steel low and behind the hitting area for extreme versatility in shot making and shaping.

Classic Shaping - The EXS Pro Blade design calls for a narrow sole, a thin top line, a beveled leading edge and square toe design. These forged beauties also feature a shorter blade length, a cambered top line, and a progression into more compact scoring irons.

Pure Milled Forging - Designed with advanced CAD technology and pure milled forging, the EXS Pro Blades deliver a pure forged feel and sound. The micro-cavity, face and scoring lines are all individually precision CNC milled for the ultimate in responsiveness and control.

CNC Milling – Precise milling ensures every iron is USGA conforming, while providing the limit in depth in the scoring irons to provide additional spin. Milling on both sides of the
blade creates an extremely tight tolerance and consistency from iron to iron.

Carbon Steel/ Dual Chrome Finish - The Japanese S25C Carbon steel is chrome plated with a dual finish; a high polish and a satin finish in all the milled areas of the clubhead.

Rounded Sole Radius - The sole of the EXS Pro Blade iron head features a rounded radius on the leading edge of the club head. This design greatly reduces drag and turf interaction through impact to ensure the utmost in consistency on every shot.

Stock Shafts:
True Temper Elevate Tour VSS Pro: R-flex, S-flex True Temper Dynamic Gold 105: R300, S300

Grip: GolfPride Tour 360

The suggested retail price for the Exotics EXS Blade Iron is $149.99 per iron for the stock shafts.

Exotics EXS Blade Wedge Featuring Milled Forging

The Exotics EXS Pro Milled Forged Wedges are forged from the buttery soft Japanese S25C Carbon Steel and are engineered to deliver exact distance control, maximum versatility, and superior spin.

CNC Milling - Individually CNC Milled face and grooves create maximum spin from advanced groove engineering that is 100% inspected to conform with USGA rules.

Milled-Out Center - The Center of Gravity (CG) was moved up in the clubhead with the milled-out center design. The milled-out center leads to more weight being positioned both up and down for distance control on shots higher and lower on face

Custom Sole Grind - The EXS Pro’s sole grind reduces bounce from the heel and toe so the wedge is extremely versatile at hitting a variety of shots, especially from difficult lies. This playability, combined with the classic shape and thin top line, makes this a true player’s short game weapon.

Flare Toe Design - A Flare Toe design in the EXS Pro Blade wedge places the center of gravity higher for a lower launch and more spin. A chamfer was added to the trailing top line of the wedge for a slightly thicker top line that moves weight up without being noticeable on the top line at address.

Dual Groove Construction - The EXS Milled Forged wedge utilizes dual-groove construction so the lower loft (50° - 52°) wedges are designed with deeper, narrower grooves while the higher lofts (54° - 60°) have wider grooves.

Stock Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold 115 Wedge Flex Grip: GolfPride Tour 360

The suggested retail price for the Exotics EXS Blade Iron is $149.99 per iron for the stock shafts.

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