Sunday, April 14, 2019

Titleist Tips: Finding the Right Wedge Bounce for Your Course and Your Game

The Masters is unique among major championships when you consider rough. Thick rough does not play any kind of significant role in the course's defense. Instead, the green complexes at Augusta National are protected by steep run-off banks that deflect shots off the edges of the putting surfaces and down into tightly-mown collection areas.

The turf on these tight lies is grainy and can often grab the leading edge of the club — an unsettling proposition when you're playing a delicate chip or pitch shot. To address these challenging lies, most players will adjust their wedge set-ups. Dave Phillips, co-founder of TPI, recently spent some time with players as they prepared at Augusta National, and in this tip he shares how evaluating your course conditions, and finding the best corresponding bounce on your Vokey wedges, can help your game, too.

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