Monday, November 27, 2017

Product Review TecTecTec VPRO500 Rangefinder

If you’re serious about improving your golf game, you need a rangefinder. That said, not every budget can easily absorb the cost. Enter TecTecTec - maker of the No. 1 budget-friendly rangefinder on the market.

Why spend $300 to $400 on a rangefinder when TecTecTec’s VPRO500 comes in at less than $150 and boasts all the bells and whistles?

In a nutshell, the VPR500 measures up 540 yards with a +/- 1 yard accuracy. Shoot anything - flags, trees, or hazards - and know your distance instantly.

One complaint I get with people unsure about using a rangefinder is target accuracy. They don’t know if they’re shooting the flag or a tree behind the green. That 10-20 yards can mean the difference in up to two clubs! The VPRO500 takes the guess work out with its clear 6x magnification.

Beautiful simplicity of the VPRO500
As someone who is on the verge of needing glasses for better vision, I was pleased to learn about TecTecTec’s diopter adjustment functionality, which delivers a clear view whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted. If you've "tuned in" binoculars, you know the function.

What I appreciated the most - beyond the accuracy - was the ease of use. The hardest thing for me, literally, was inserting the battery. It’s a little embarrassing to share that, but it makes my point ... The VPRO500 is easy to use, right out of the box - no tutorials necessary.

There are two buttons on the device - power and mode. Turn it on and choose one-of-three modes:
- Pinseeker mode lets you accurately measure overlapping targets, perfect for measuring the distance to the pin and wooded areas;
- First Target Priority mode displays the distance of the closest subject, helpful when measuring the distance to the flag on a green with woods in the background; and
- Scan mode is useful when checking the distance of various hazards.

The VPRO500 is lightweight, compact and has a waterproof body. No need to keep it in the bag if there’s a chance of rain.

The VPRO500 comes equipped with a protective case, free CR2 battery to get you started, a wrist strap (if you choose to attach), microfiber cleaning cloth and a quick-start guide for easy setup.

Check out the VPRO500 and another five models at The company also sells a hunting rangefinder for the outdoorsman on your holiday list.

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