Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Product Review: Black Clover Hats

Let’s face it ... we can all use a little luck in our lives. That goes double on the golf course. Who wouldn’t want to have a badly sliced tee shot find the perfect tree and ricochet back into the fairway?

Allow me to introduce you to Black Clover - the lifestyle apparel company whose tagline is “Live Lucky.”

Founded nearly a decade ago, Black Clover sells hats, hoodies, tees and accessories - all designed to inspire people to enjoy life and embrace each and every day.

Beyond the striking four-leaf clover logo, what stands out with the fitted hats is their quality and attention to detail. The brims are sturdy and each feature the logo or slogan on the underside.

While I think most would enjoy the memory-fit stretch lining, it’s the low-profile construction that I appreciate the most. Large, boxy caps don’t look good on anyone (regardless of pop culture trends). Additionally, the “Players Performance Wick” helps keep you cool and dry in even the warmest conditions.

As if that’s not enough, Black Clover took comfort to another level. Just as “one size fits all” is complete BS, two sizes don’t fit most. Many stretch-fit caps on the market offer two sizes - S/M and L/XL. Kudos to you if you’re part of the 20 percent who’ll find your perfect fit in those windows. Black Clover actually offers FOUR sizes - XS/S (youth), S/M, L/XL, and XXL (for those of you with huge melons).

Check out everything Black Clover offers at blackcloverusa.com. Join #CloverNation and Live Lucky!

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