Thursday, November 30, 2017

Product Review: Antigua Apparel

Men's Digital and Women's Beyond
Antigua apparel has been around for as long as I can remember - more than 35 years, in fact. But like all successful companies, the product has evolved over time to meet the wants and needs of today's consumer.

While Antigua can be seen across many sports markets - the company holds licenses with major professional sports leagues; including the NFL, NBA, MLS, UFC, MLB, NHL and myriad colleges and universities - its roots are in the golf market.

We recently took several pieces of Antigua out for testing and were quite impressed.

Men's Voyage and Women's Travel
First, let’s look at the tops, since they are the closest thing to your skin as you play. The men’s “Digital” and women’s “Beyond” both boast the company’s Desert Dry technology. This moisture-wicking gear is designed to keep you dry and comfortable under any situation - moving moisture away from your skin and to the fabric where it can be released into the air.

I think back to when I first began playing golf. I doubt Desert Dry was even a thought in anyone’s imagination. Those heavy cotton shirts we all wore would become loaded down with sweat as the round progressed on a hot, summer day. The golf swing is difficult enough without having to fight your clothing!

Beyond the moisture-wicking technology, Antigua has constructed both shirts to flow with the golfer. Lightweight and soft, the material moves gently throughout the swing. While built for an athletic fit, there’s ample room in the armpits to not constrict or restrict.

The golf shirts are great, but unless you live in South Florida, Arizona or Southern California, there’s a chill in the air and you’d better layer up. Antigua offers a wide range of outerwear and we tested out two - The “Voyage” for men and “Travel” for women.

Both are from the company’s Performance-72 line. They are lightweight, but provide ample warmth.

The Voyage is a 1/4-zip pullover with open bottom. It won’t ride up on you as you swing. It also features a stand-up collar and, when fully zipped, does not choke the wearer. Why offer the option of zipping if a normal human can’t zip it? Thank you, Antigua.

The Travel is a full-zip, knit “motorcycle” jacket. This piece is as sleek and stylish as it is functional. Move over, “little black dress” and make room for Antigua’s Travel (or pair the two together when the evening air turns chilly).

These four pieces don’t even scratch the surface of Antigua’s offerings. Whether it’s tops, bottoms, outerwear or even headwear and luggage, the company has you covered. Check out for everything a golfer needs to stay in fashion, while keeping up the high demand for playability.

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