Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cutter & Buck Unveils New Brand Initiative

Company embraces its Pacific Northwest roots, sets course for next 20 years

(SEATTLE) - Established here in 1989, Cutter & Buck announced today that in conjunction with the rollout of its Spring 2012 lines, the company is embracing its regional heritage with a new brand identity, "Genuine Spirit of the Pacific Northwest." The brand initiative incorporates the introduction of a denim-based fashion line, as well as the unveiling of a striking, modernized logo.

While not straying too far from its proud 20-plus years tradition of golf-inspired premier, high-quality sportswear, Cutter & Buck executives said the goal of the new initiative is to evolve its brand from niche-specialty to a global lifestyle brand, befitting of the Pacific Northwest where residents naturally thrive between an urban and outdoor lifestyle.

According to Jens Petersson, Cutter & Buck CEO, the championing of a new brand represents a natural evolution for the company.

"Our customers know quality in a garment, and appreciate our golf heritage - proven performance apparel, functional and comfortable styles that work on and off the course," Petersson said. "Now it becomes paramount to remain relevant in all aspects of their active lifestyle, and by doing so we lay the foundation for Cutter & Buck's next 20 years. As we evolve with interesting, new views on classic items, we also comprehend the importance of staying true to our roots of superb craftsmanship, distinctive and stylish clothing, and an exceptionally high level of customer service."

Featuring apparel that seamlessly transitions from urban to outdoor is ideal for customers with active lifestyles, Petersson added, whether they are going to work, fitting a quick nine holes into their day, saving time for a little play, stepping out at night, or heading off for the weekend. With its functionality and versatility, he said the new denim-based line epitomizes the Pacific Northwest lifestyle.

Responding to market trends and input from its customers, Cutter & Buck also is updating the silhouette of its men's apparel by introducing a slimmer fit. The change will focus on its knit polos and woven shirts, with specific adjustments being made in body length, chest width, cross shoulder (back and front), knit polo collar and neck fit, and sleeve length and openings. Cutter & Buck shirts will sit closer to the neck to create a modernized silhouette.

"While we have been well known for offering a generous cut, we think that market trends speak clearly to this being the perfect time to introduce our customer to a tidier silhouette, which enhances their appearance by trimming it up in just the right places," said Julie Snow, vice president, design and merchandising for Cutter & Buck. "This takes our fit from generous to relaxed and easy."

The newly updated Cutter & Buck logo, meanwhile, retains the core elements of the company's past logo, but also provides for a striking and modern look that reinforces the brand initiative, and evokes the classic styling for which the company has long been renowned.

According to Stacy Mangum, Cutter & Buck's brand manager, "We are motivated by the real people who wear our clothes - the barista who sails our lakes; the aquarium volunteer who is the local golf champ; the children's book illustrator who cycles to work every day. We think Seattle and our surrounding Pacific Northwest environs provide a perfect inspiration for our collections: adaptable, easy-going, independent and pioneering."

The Cutter & Buck Spring 2012 line is due to be introduced to stores in November.

For more details, contact Cutter & Buck at (800) 713-7810 or visit www.cutterbuck.com.

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