Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brian Crowell's 'Slice-Free Golf' helps conquer ugliest shot in golf

(WESTPORT, Conn.) - The worst shot in golf is the slice and it haunts and frustrates millions of golfers who lose distance and ruin scores as they strive to cure this deflating swing flaw. Brian Crowell, a TV golf commentator and the highly regarded Head Golf Professional at GlenArbor Golf Club in Bedford, New York, was once a slicer and for 20 years as an instructor he has helped golfers cure the embarrassing "banana ball."

Crowell has creatively pulled together his knowledge and teaching techniques by publishing Slice-Free Golf, the first book entirely devoted to helping golfers conquer the slice and learn how to hit the ball farther and straighter with power and accuracy.

Legend Gary Player recognized the need for a book on a swing problem that affects 82% of all golfers, and he endorsed Crowell's easy-to-follow guide by writing in the foreword: "Don't let the slice diminish your enjoyment of this great game. If cutting the ball is frustrating you, please read Slice-Free Golf. By following Brian's clear step-by-step program, you will develop more consistency, greater distance off the tee, and more enjoyment on the golf course. And your score will improve."

Slice-Free Golf offers three quick steps to beating the dreaded slice. Some 100 photographs clearly illustrate the right (and wrong) "Get Set," " Swing" and "Release" keys, and 26 clever drills guide golfers along the path to banishing banana balls forever. Crowell injects humor with empathy for the long-suffering slicer but the result of his program is a proven cure for the ugliest shot in golf.

Slice-Free Golf is available in several e-book formats and in two print editions: A black and white paperback for $14.95 and a premium full color version for $24.95. Slice-Free Golf may be ordered at

About Brian Crowell
As a national TV commentator, Crowell has covered The Masters, the U.S. Open and the Ryder Cup. He has been a member of the broadcast team since 2007. Crowell also hosts a popular radio show, The Clubhouse, which airs weekly in the New York Metropolitan area. An engaging, humorous and positive personality, Crowell is sought after for personal appearances, corporate clinics and club events.


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