Friday, April 8, 2011

Why A Performance Tee Is Crucial: Part 3

Choose Your Height

(Oakbrook Terrace, IL) - A challenge presents itself when you pull your driver from your bag, grab a golf tee from your pocket and then go to place the tee in the ground. The last hole you had a fantastic shot and had placed your tee at a specific height to help ensure accuracy. Now you are onto the next hole and cannot remember where you placed your tee the last time, knowing that it helped contribute to your birdie on the previous hole. So the question then becomes how to solve this problem.

Striping systems on tees have been around for years with the obvious idea behind them being able to place your tee at the same height each time you tee off. Zero Friction took the idea of a traditional three line striped tee to the next level with the ZFT System. This innovative product combines the performance aspect of a traditional Zero Friction tee and adds the tradition of the stripe height system, thus "Technology Meets Tradition."

Also, for those more traditional golfers, the ZFT System is not just available in the bio-composite materials; it is also made in 100 percent bamboo, creating an eco friendly tee. To keep it simple, the striping system is color coded so that you know when you pick your product you know what size tee you are getting. In the bamboo ZFT System, the 2 1/8" has a gray stripe, 2 ¾" red, 3 ¼" black and 4" yellow. The bio-composite system keeps the consistency with the 2 ¾" in red and 3 ¼" in black. This tee not only helps to solve the challenge of where to place your tee in the ground every time, but also helps to increate performance with the 3-prong design that allows for 50 percent less dispersion. As a bonus in every package you receive another great height tee, the Lock n Drive.

The Lock n Drive was created as a great multi product in two sizes, 2 ¾" and 3 ¼". Along the shaft of the golf tee, the Lock n Drive has settings (6 for 2 ¾" and 8 for 3 ¼") that allow you to place a stopper at the height that you would like to place your tee at every time. As an additional benefit the stopper acts as a ball marker on the greens. The Lock n Drive is a great teaching product, as it is three products in one. Performance Cup, adjustable height, and ball marker all combined in a single tee. No other product on the market offers such features.

The best part of the Lock n Drive is that one is being included in every package of Zero Friction tees in 2011.

So remember, when tee height is a question, choose the Zero Friction ZFT System or the Zero Friction Lock n Drive for maximum performance.


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