Wednesday, April 6, 2011

OGIO Lightens the Load with Ultralite Sries

Product Line Redefines Lightweight Golf Bags, Offering Innovative and Functional Bags

(BLUFFDALE, Utah) – OGIO, the revolutionary and innovative bag designer for adrenaline driven lifestyles, today launched the UltraLite Performance Golf Bag line. The UltraLite Series offers the synergy of high tensile and lightweight materials, like those used for building parachutes, another product where weight and strength are a necessity. Combined with OGIO’s trend setting fashions, aggressive styling and renowned innovations and patents, the brand continues to evolve the look and feel of the once traditional sport.

Golf requires more gear than any other recreational sport and OGIO understands that just one round with the wrong bag can result in some serious heavy lifting. While lugging hefty bags around the course might improve a golfer’s physique, the UltraLite Performance Series balances feature rich storage and technology that makes this OGIO's lightest weight bags.  The series was designed to keep work outs at the gym and not on the course.

“Pound for pound, our UltraLite Performance Golf Bags are the most durable and contain the most storage space of any bags that we have ever made at this light of a weight,” said Tom Gocke, vice president of global golf for OGIO. “Consistent with OGIO’s reputation, we continue to pour the innovation and creativity needed into the UltraLite Performance Series, resulting in one-of-a kind features such as the O-Shox Suspension System. OGIO provides golfers with a bag that looks as good as it feels, and delivers unmatched performance with dexterous innovations and unique features.”

The UltraLite Performance series features four distinctly different models for golfers:

For Carry:
Velocity (Shown) – Weighing just 3.6 pounds, the Velocity offers more technology and storage space than any other bag OGIO has ever produced at its weight range. It boasts the 7-way Woode UltraLite Performance Top with full-length dividers, O-Shox suspension strap system and the AFS air flow system tech shoulder straps for a cooler, more comfortable ride. MSRP $195
Helios – The lightest of the series at a mere 3.3 pounds, the Helios features all of the Velocity’s technological advantages but in a smaller package and a 6-Way Ultralite Performance top. MSRP $160

For Cart:
Assassin – Bringing lightweight performance to cart bags, the Assassin employs a 14-way Diamond UltraLite Performance Cart Top that offers maximum club protection teamed with the new Ball Silo which keeps three golf balls at-the-ready on the bag’s exterior.  All of this at under 5 pounds. MSRP $220
Mantix – At 4.5 pounds, the Mantix features a deluxe padded shoulder strap and a 14-way UltraLite Top packaged with little features that will make other golfers jealous  including an umbrella holder, towel loop, lightweight molded handle and a whopping seven pockets to fit any extras, like an ice cold beverage or more sunscreen. MSRP $185
OGIO’s UltraLite Performance Series features a number of bag enhancements, including:

O-Shox Suspension Strap System – OGIO’s patented system has comfort in mind, using an integrated elastomeric material to absorb downward pull and disperse energy from the bag as the golfer walks, significantly reducing strain on the upper body. A golf game can equal a seven mile walk; the O-Shox strap system won’t make you regret it later.
AFS-Air Flow System Tech Shoulder Strap – The sleek size and flexibility of the strap provides the most conforming fit on the market. The ventilated strap allows body heat to escape while allowing reversed airflow for a cool golfer on the course.
Diamond UltraLite Performance Top – Diamonds are now a golfer’s best friend as 14 diamond shapes maintain the health of clubs by encouraging maximum separation. The three built-in, strategically placed, “easy grab” handles allow for optimal maneuverability.

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