Monday, April 25, 2011

FLGolf Introduces PrismPro

The PrismPro is the latest 70 Compression golf ball to hit the market. Instead of the crystal covers made popular by CRYSTAL GOLF, the PrismPro features a solid white cover over a 3 pc. construction, ensuring the soft feel you've come to enjoy and the performance golfers have come to expect.

In fact, John Gillian, PGA Professional of FLGOLF, Inc., has been playing the ball on several area courses to the awe and surprise of his fellow golfers. They wondered how it was the golf ball he was using continually seemed to be longer off the tee and stopping quicker on the greens.

When he told them it was the latest offering by FLGOLF, Inc., they only had one question: How can I get one?

Glad [they] asked. The PrismPro arrives this month so call to reserve today at 888-899-1755 or email: Fax: 352-365-9600. Golfers can visit


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