Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Bonfit Announces the Rebranding of Brush-T

Brush-T continues to be the performance bristle golf tee-der

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – brush-t by Bonfit America, Inc., the first innovative performance bristle golf tee, is proud to announce that the company has rebranded the brush-t website, collateral materials, and assets.

brush-t by Bonfit is an international business with global distribution. In 2002, brush-t was established in the United States and exhibited at the 2003 PGA Show in Orlando. Since its inception, brush-t has been the category leader for performance bristle golf tees. Through the years, the award-winning bristle golf tee brand demographic changed. The new influx of golfers buying brush-t are younger, and new to the game. The brand needed a change to appeal to the new customer.

“We’re thrilled to make this announcement. Jacob Steckmann, our brand manager, has worked diligently to rebrand the brush-t website and maintain its core identity,” said Bonfit President Paul Krok. “We think he’s done a great job and we hope you will feel the same.”

The new website can be found at When you visit the new site, you will see that Steckmann took on a more contemporary approach. His photographs, fonts, and copy are crisp, fresh, and bold, much like brush-t.

“I’m excited for people to see the new look and feel of brush-t,” said Steckmann. “And we will continue to roll out the rebrand with new projects, packaging and testing data that is sure to impress golfers.”

The award-winning high-performance brush-t with its proprietary Fast-Flex bristle design reduces resistance at impact, restores stolen velocity which allows the ball to travel the maximum distance. It also eliminates deflection to ensure greater accuracy. The brush-t base is inserted into the ground at the same height for ongoing consistency. Some think it provides an unfair advantage, but the brush-t conforms to the rules of the USGA and the Royal and Ancient Golf Society at St. Andrews.

Independent testing on brush-t vs a wooden tee was performed in San Diego, California using the Iron Byron Swing Tester. The results proved that brush-t adds between 3.2 to 7 yards to driving distances and eliminates 2% deflection for enhanced accuracy as compared to a wooden tee. Three leading golf manufacturers’ equipment was used in the test and contributed to the distance variance.

There are four brush-t models: 3 Wood - 2” / Driver - 2.2” / Oversize - 2/4” / XLT - 3.1/8” All can be purchased at these golf specialty stores: Roger Dunn Golf Shops, Golf Galaxy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or Edwin Watts, and online at or

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