Thursday, June 9, 2022

Bag Boy Highlights T-10 Travel Cover for Summer Golf Trips

Unique crush-resistant design

(Richmond, VA) – As summer is quickly approaching, Bag Boy is highlighting its ultra-durable T-10 Travel Cover to help traveling golfers keep their clubs safe in transit.

Through its crush-resistant ABS top and skid-resistant ABS base, the T-10 effortlessly shields clubs and ensures they remain in top condition while traveling. In addition, its sleek design and premium in-line skate wheels allow for smooth and controlled movement as it glides through the terminal.

“The T-10 combines ABS hard-top protection with a lightweight soft body,” said Pat Gallagher, Product Manager at Bag Boy. “Together, these features provide unparalleled protection and superior usability that are ideal for golfers traveling both short and long distances.”

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