Wednesday, September 13, 2017

KZG Launches the XSC Forged Wedges

(PALM DESERT, Calif.) - KZG, the #1 Custom ProLine has launched its triple forged XSC Wedges … a “must have” for the short game specialist.

Each XSC Wedge utilizes virgin 1020 carbon steel and is triple forged to guarantee that every void is eliminated in the clubhead, giving pure consistency on every hit. Thanks to KZG utilizing the costlier method of forging in one piece, the golfer will enjoy superior feedback as there are no welds or breaks that interfere with the flow of energy.

The XSC Wedges are ideal for those seeking a C Grind offering a double relieved sole to enable a wide variety of shots. The XSC is a great option for the golfer who plays on firm to mid conditions as their normal style of golf course. Players playing in softer conditions may prefer the XSS or RSG wedge models.

The entire body of the XSC Wedge is completely CNC milled so that every specification is perfect. As a result, the golfer will enjoy pin-point precision shots and the tightest tolerances in the industry.  And to assure maximum spin, the face is micro-milled.  KZG has stepped away from hand-grinding due to the numerous problems generated through human error.

“KZG is totally different from the major brands” reports Jennifer King, President of KZG.  “Rather than offering one or two wedge models, KZG offers five distinct models to allow its network of clubfitters the opportunity to select the design features they need to perfectly fit their golfers. The XSC Wedges will appeal to the short game specialist wanting the broadest range of shot options, coupled with superior performance.”

Chic, classic, clean and beautifully finished in brushed satin to reduce glare.  Available in RH: 50⁰, 52⁰, 54⁰, 56/10⁰, 56/14⁰, 58⁰, 60⁰/4⁰, 60⁰/10⁰ and LH 52⁰, 56⁰/10⁰, 60⁰/10⁰.

MSRP starting at $169 for each personally fit and tour built wedge.

For more information on KZG products or KZG’s 3-Day Master Certification Program for Clubfitters, visit or call 1-800-200-8800 or (760)341-4433.

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