Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Gee-Swing electronics device records golfers swing speeds

Golfers striving to elevate their game to the next level can now rely on a unique and innovative game-improvement tool that has just been launched to market - Gee-Swing (

The hi-tech, precision electronics-driven device - endorsed by three-time European Tour winner Mark Roe and TV football pundit and two-handicap golfer Alan Hansen - is sufficiently small and lightweight (just 28g) to clip on to the foot of the club shaft, and essentially measures how well a shot has been timed, a world first for a specialist golf game improvement product.

To achieve this, Gee-Swing - a compact, user-friendly tool that simply works at the press of a button - accurately records vital information from more than 1 million sensory readings taken from the downswing, including the g-forces (hence Gee-Swing) and peak speed, as well as clubhead velocity at impact with the ball.

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After successfully trialling the groundbreaking new Gee-Swing product, Mark Roe and Alan Hansen hailed it as one of the most exciting coaching tools to hit the golf market for many years.

Mark Roe, said: "Gee-Swing is the first easy-to-use, clip-on device I have seen that precisely measures clubhead speed and timing in the golf swing - and provides feedback that couldn't possibly be detected with the naked eye. I wish I'd had this product when playing on the European Tour."

Alan Hansen commented: "Like all club golfers I want to hit longer, more purely struck shots. With Gee-Swing I was instantly able to measure, and then improve, my clubhead speed and timing. Now, I wouldn't practice or warm up for a round without it."

The Gee-Swing settings can be calibrated to any golfer's individual measurements, in terms of size and build, and then subsequently stored in the patented product's in-built memory for future use.

A complementary coaching and instructional DVD, included within the Gee-Swing package, will help ensure golfers adopt the correct techniques to significantly increase their clubhead speed, and improve their swing and ball timing to help generate greater striking power and shot distance… so achieving the holy grail of lower handicaps and scores.

Many of the game's leading experts believe a lack of acceleration into the ball - a fault virtually impossible to detect with the human eye - is one of the most common faults experienced by amateur golfers. This lack of acceleration leads to inconsistency of ball strike and a loss of yardage.

"Any golf professional will stress the importance of maximising the clubhead speed at the point of impact with the ball," explained Peter Kimber, founder of Gee-Swing. "To this end, Gee-Swing will give golfers the most accurate available measurement of clubhead velocity, and the exact points on the downswing at which the maximum speed was reached and acceleration ceased.

"Gee-Swing is fun to use and certainly adds a much more enjoyable dimension to practice sessions. However, it is a highly sensitive and sophisticated piece of micro-electronic engineering that gives information about your swing that even the top coaches would not be able to spot. Gee-Swing also offers coaching tips on how you can rectify any problems."

Peter Kimber added: "Improvements can be achieved without the need for significant swing changes and the results can be, and usually are, quite dramatic. So confident are we that Gee-Swing will add huge value to the practice sessions of golfers of all standards, that we offer a no quibble refund should they not experience significant improvements."

The lightweight nature of Gee-Swing means a golfer's personal swing dynamics won't be adversely affected while using it.

"Trials have shown that its presence has no negative impact on the clubhead speeds generated," confirmed Peter Kimber. "The product has been calibrated to take into account the difference in swing weight so the readings always remain highly accurate."

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