Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourteen Golf Introduces The Dt-111 Titanium Driver Developed For Speed And Distance

(IRVINE, CA) - FOURTEEN GOLF, recognized as a worldwide leader in wedge design with over 20 professional tour victories in 2010, proudly announced that the company is introducing its new Titanium driver developed for hard hitters with tremendous club head speed, the DT-111 Driver.

The explosive DT-111 Driver was developed for golfers who generate remarkable club head speed and strive for maximum power with maximum distance. According to FOURTEEN GOLF COO Marcy Kamoda, "This driver is unique as it has been entirely designed for a specific player so they incorporated features that result in unsurpassed distance. We're excited about adding this category to our equipment line-up."

The four-piece Titanium DT-111 Driver with a hybrid two layered crown features an oversized 450cc club head with a deep 36mm CG precisely positioned. This distinctive location provides a power hitter workability and playability. Compared to other FOURTEEN GOLF drivers, this is aggressively more forward and will generate remarkable power.

The rear portion of the proprietary DT-111 club head is slightly higher. This new FOURTEEN GOLF design promotes the correct set up and visually establishes confidence at address. The four piece Titanium club head is engineered with several different Titanium materials. Utilizing multiple Titaniums allowed the engineers to adjust the CG and MOI as well as implement the two-piece hybrid crown which ignites power and impact results in massive drives.

An exclusive varying cup face design provides a substantial sweet spot on the DT-111 Driver. The face is 3.3mm thick around the center and gradually reduces to 2.6mm and 2.1mm around the parameter. This modification of thickness contributes the forgiveness of this powerful driver.

For optimum performance the DT-111 Driver is available in both the athletic type TS-70d shaft and the standard MD-350gd shaft. The shaft model should be fitted or selected according to the golfer's club head speed. Selecting the proper shaft should produce power with optimum drives.

FOURTEEN GOLF is a burgeoning golf equipment company that takes great pride in their tour program. Its success is critical to the company's overall growth initiative. The feed back they receive from the touring professionals furnish key information for the research and development team.

2011 FOURTEEN GOLF Professional Tour Wins:
*NGA Hooters Tour at River Hills Golf Course
* Philippine Open
* Peach State Professional Golf Tour - Winter Series at Black Bear GC
* Peach State Professional Golf Tour - Winter Series at Kissimmee GC
* Indonesia PGA Championship
* Nationwide Tour Stadion Classic
* OneAsia Tour - China Masters
* KLPGA - Doo San Match Play Championship
* JPGA - Totoumi Hamamatsu

FOURTEEN GOLF cumulated (20) 2010 professional tour victories:
* PGA Tour (4) Open, Mc Gladrey Classic, Barclays Championship, The Wyndam Championship
* LPGA Tour (4) Mizuno Classic Championship, Navistar LPGA Classic, Cyber Agent Cup, Evian Masters
* Nationwide Tour (3) Miccosukee Championship, Mylan Classic, South Georgia Classic
* European Tour (1) Maybank Malaysian
* Duramed Futures Tour (2) Ladies Titan Tire Challenge, Teva Championship
* KLPGA Tour (2) Hi-Mart Championship, Met Life Championship
* Asian Tour (1) Yeangder Tournament Championship
* Hooters Tour (3) Bentonville Open at Lost Springs Golf, Classic at Southern Hills, Carolina Series.

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