Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bionic Unveils New Names, Packaging, Slogan, 'Get The Grip'

(LOUISVILLE, Ky.) - The fastest-growing glove brand in golf, Bionic, is on the move with many announcements. To position itself for more growth, Bionic is changing its slogan to more accurately reflect the glove's primary benefit - "Get the Grip."

Bionic is also changing the name of its most popular model from the Classic to StableGrip. The ultra-premium Performance model has been renamed PerformanceGrip.

"StableGrip and PeformanceGrip describe what makes Bionic distinctly different from all other golf gloves," says Cheryl Fink, Bionic's marketing director. "With our unique and patented pad system, we have technology that gives golfers a more stable grip, which creates a lighter, more relaxed grip. And all golfers know that a more stable, relaxed grip leads to greater accuracy and more distance.

"At Bionic, we're the hand experts. Nobody puts more technology in a glove than we do. And it's all about getting a better grip. That's why 'Get the Grip' aptly describes Bionic's primary benefit in just three simple words. 'Get the Grip' separates us from all other glove brands."

To complement the new names and motto, Bionic is rolling out new packaging. Blue is the predominant background color on all packages with orange the highlight for StableGrip. Pink is the highlight color for women's models. And green is the accent for PerformanceGrip. "Get the Grip" is prominently written on the upper left side of every package. The new packaging is also more consumer friendly. All models have a consistent appearance and it is easier to remove the glove to try it on thanks to the new design.

"Try on a Bionic glove then put a club in your hand, and you'll feel the benefits immediately," says Fink. "But the biggest difference is felt when you play a round with Bionic. That's when you go from a Bionic customer to a Bionic advocate. Nobody says better things about our product than the golfers who use it."

Bionic has worked to position the glove as a piece of game-improvement equipment and not just a golf accessory or apparel item. Research at the renowned Pinehurst Golf Academy showed that most golfers who used Bionic gloves gained six yards of driving distance. Bionic's patented technology also creates a more durable glove by putting pads and material in the areas that endure the most wear and tear. It also has an advanced moisture management system, which helps keep the glove dryer longer when playing in hot, humid conditions. While Bionic gloves are more expensive than others, the added life created by its unique technology makes Bionic the smart investment.

Over the past few years, Bionic has seen double-digit sales growth, making it the fastest growing glove brand in golf. This has occurred at a time when industry golf-glove sales have been flat or in decline. "No brand has seen the sustained growth we have," says Fink, who points to Golf Datatech as a third-party source for sales figures. "We're more expensive and we're worth it."

The Bionic StableGrip sells for $24.95; the PerformanceGrip is $29.95.


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