Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tef Tee Poised for Retail Roll-Out Riding High on Tour Successes

TEF TEE, the world's only Teflon-coated golf tee, is preparing to roll product out to retail stores riding a wave of successes on the PGA tour.

In just eight weeks since initial presentations to tour pros at the 2011 Bob Hope Classic, TEF TEE has racked up some impressive results, including:
A. a PGA tour win
B. 2 of top 6 at Doral
C. 3 of top 7 at Puerto Rico Open
D. 12 percent of the elite field at WGC
E. 3 of top 10 leaders in driving distance on Champions Tour

"The pros are voting with their drivers," said Greg MacKeen, inventor of TEF TEE high performance golf tees. "At Doral, over 1200 tees were gobbled up by pros wanting to try the tee." According to veteran manufacturer's rep Ken MacDonald, "We definitely were surprised by the interest levels. Our sample boxes were empty by Tuesday afternoon the last three weeks. I've had to order more samples for future events."

Based on the principle that "less friction means more distance," the new TEF TEE delivers longer more accurate drives by minimizing the frictional forces between the golf ball and the tee like no other tee can.

Most alternative tees reduce friction by reducing the area of surface contact between the tee and the ball. TEF TEE evolves this concept even further by designing a head with an industry leading 83 percent less surface contact than standard tees.

The TEF TEE secret to even lower friction is the revolutionary coating of the tee head with Teflon®, which has a coefficient of friction among the lowest in the world. This patent pending process reduces friction by another 90 percent versus standard tee materials like wood and plastics, allowing a purer transfer of energy from the club to the ball.

The distinctive white tee with a black head will be available in 2 ¾" and 3 ¼" lengths and can be found in pro shops and golf specialty retailers starting in April 2011.

At just $7.99 for a pack of 25 - 2 ¾" tees (or 20 - 3 ¼"), this new product just may well be the best value in equipment that improves driving performance.

For more info go to or call Greg MacKeen at 1-647-235-2747.


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