Friday, May 6, 2022

Unboxing the R1 Rangefinder and ACE Smart Speaker from Precision Pro Golf

Precision Pro Golf – a technology company that creates innovative products to help golfers of all skill levels enjoy the game more – offers the R1 Smart Rangefinder, the company’s most-advanced model to date. The R1 features game-changing MYSLOPE™ technology, the first-ever personalized slope calculation that creates an adjusted distance specific to a player and their environment. The patented MYSLOPE™ algorithm combines a player’s unique ball data (launch angle, ball speed, spin rate) with environmental variables (temperature, altitude, humidity, etc.). The result is a game-changing level of accuracy applied to every course, club, and swing for a number specific to every player.

As with Precision Pro Golf’s other popular rangefinders, crystal clarity is achieved through the enhanced LCD display, which provides 6x magnification to ensure golfers always find their target. Additional features of the R1 include:
- Wind Assist™ – Lets the golfer know how wind might potentially impact the distance of each shot
- Find My Precision Pro – Notifies the golfer when their rangefinder is missing and reminds them to secure it when the round is over
- GPS Distances – Slope-adjusted distances to the front, center, and back of the green
- Target Acquisition Technology – Makes it simple to lock on a target, even with shaky hands
- Pulse Vibration – Delivers a short burst to ensure players are shooting the flag and not at another target
- Magnetic Cart Grip – Easily sticks to the cart, clubs or any other metal object

Precision Pro Golf also has the ACE Smart Speaker, a ground-breaking entry into the portable Bluetooth speaker category that combines proprietary MYSLOPE™ technology with high-end audio capabilities to create the ideal accessory for the golf course and beyond.

The ACE ($149.99), which stands for Audio Caddie Experience, does not require players to look at or use their phones during a round of golf. Instead, data is seamlessly relayed via Bluetooth from the Precision Pro Golf app (iOS and Android). Beyond providing standard and slope adjusted distances (which accounts for elevation differences between the player and their target), the ACE will also display and announce yardages to the front, middle and back of the green. The Audio Caddie smoothly vocalizes GPS distances over music, podcasts or other mediums.


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