Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stable 26 Golf Socks for a Better Performance

(JANUARY) – The name – and founding philosophy – behind Stable 26 has its roots in the anatomy of the human foot. Housing 26 structural support bones, the foot is subject to countless injuries – especially for professional athletes. To fend off preventable injuries, Stable 26 socks were created to bridge the gap between athletes and their equipment, allowing for better fit, which ultimately leads to stronger stability and enhanced overall performance.

Founded by chiropractor Daryl Sherman, Stable 26 golf socks are made with silicone pads to customize fit for the individual wearer. Featuring contoured elastic arch support and a hand-linked seamless toe to reduce friction, Stable 26 technology eliminates negative space between a golfer's foot and his footgear, allowing for increased comfort, fit, and stability.

Designed with elite athletes in mind, Stable 26 offers quality Golf, Hockey, Ski and Running socks. Used by countless professionals, including official spokesperson Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators and Golf Coach Henry Brunton, Stable 26 socks allow your shoe, boot, or skate to do what it’s designed to do.

“I have had the opportunity to be fitted with a pair of Stable 26 specialty socks for golf and used them for several rounds. I am extremely impressed. They are more comfortable than the socks that I normally wear, but more importantly, there is a significant performance advantage with them. Stable 26 footgear for golf makes my shoes fit better. They give me more stability and confidence to swing my best,” said Brunton.

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