Friday, March 12, 2010

HONMA Golf Introduces the BERES MG700 Iron

(JAPAN) - HONMA Golf Co. has released the fourth generation BERES 7-Series, MG700.

The MG700 consists of a two-piece structure of SUS630 body, ES230 convex forged-variable-thickness-face. By forging the face it provides a mild feel at impact, thus reducing the harshness felt from most stainless steel irons. Each iron has a strategic weight distribution system. Adding tungsten nickel weights to the toe and heel boost the highest moment of inertia of any Honma iron ever produced.

The MG700 design adds power to the sides to enhance carry and cuts down loss of distance during off-center hits. In addition, a carry-boosting design change, 7 grams to the toe and 5 grams to the heel were added from the 4to 8 iron to provide forgiveness and power. The 9 iron through sand wedge feature 5 grams evenly distributed on the perimeter for maneuverability due to shorter gravity point distance.

The MG700 conforms to the 2010 USGA new groove rule.

The standard production MG700 is a 2-Star grade up to the ultra-elaborate 5-Star grade featuring Pt1000 Platinum, 24k gold plating, medallions, hosel rings and ion plated shaft. The MG700 features the HONMA New ARMRQ UD49 graphite shaft for amateur players with average head speed. The MG700 can be ordered with the New ARMRQ UD45, UD54, UD62, UD70 and UD75 shafts by made to order only. The MG700 is available as a 10-piece set or can be broken into a partial set as per the customer's preference.

The SAKATA Factory, one of the largest golf club manufacturing facilities in the world where each and every golf club is painstakingly handcrafted, passing through hundreds of hands and taking as long as six months to produce the most beautiful golf clubs on the planet.

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