Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adams Golf Introduces New Idea a7OS Hybrid, Hybrid Irons

(PLANO, Texas) - The future of iron sets is here as Adams Golf introduces the latest offering of its industry-leading Idea franchise with the new Idea a7OS hybrids and hybrid irons.

Using patented gapping technology that optimizes each club in the iron set, Idea a7OS increases distance, improves launch conditions and are exceptionally easy-to-hit. Intended for aspiring and recreational players looking to improve their games, the Idea a7OS set features three hybrids, two mid-hybrids and three short-irons that will appeal to a vast majority of golfers looking for the utmost in forgiveness and playability. The Idea a7OS hybrids may also be purchased individually.

The men's eight-piece Idea a7OS hybrid iron set consists of 3-, 4- and 5-hybrids, 6- and 7-mid-hybrids and versatile scoring clubs in 8-iron through pitching wedge. Featuring 44-grams of rear weighting to increase launch angle and distance, the 3-, 4- and 5-hybrids have rounded shaping with a slight draw-bias to enhance forgiveness for the higher-handicap player. With a four-way cambered sole and an H-back™ channel vibration dampening system, the 6- and 7-mid-hybrids optimize distance, gapping and launch conditions. Low and deep centers of gravity highlight the short irons (8-PW) that are both forgiving and versatile. These scoring clubs feature quad cavity-backs and perimeter weighting for confidence-inspiring ball-flights and superior playability. The set make-up for the senior flex is 4-, 5- and 6-hyrbids with 7- and 8-mid-hybrids and 9-SW in the short irons.

"The patented gapping technology that we applied to Idea a7OS truly optimizes each club in the hybrid iron set to outperform traditional irons," says Michael Vrska, Director of Product Development at Adams Golf. "The result is a set of hybrid irons that is truly the most forgiving and easiest-to-hit that we have ever designed."

Adams Golf also created the Idea a7OS hybrid iron set for women which provides the same advanced features and materials found in the men's sets, but with dedicated tooling and design specifications created specifically for a woman's swing. Like the men's set, the eight-piece all-graphite set uses patented gapping technology and includes three hybrids (4, 5, 6), two mid-hybrids (7, 8) and three short-irons (9-SW). Additionally, the Idea a7OS family of products for women includes a seven-piece expandable set of clubs, the perfect easy-to-hit choice for occasional golfers or women who are new to the game. Included in the set are a driver, 5-wood, 5-hybrid, 7-mid-hybrid, 9-iron, sand wedge, mallet putter and a lightweight stand bag. Additional clubs are available for purchase to turn the expandable set into a full set at any time.

Men's: The stock shaft for the men's Idea a7OS hybrid is the Graffaloy ProLaunch Axis Blue 75-gram graphite shaft (65-gram for the senior set). For the mid-hybrid and short-irons, consumers have a choice of either a True Temper Performance Lite shaft in steel or the Graffaloy shaft in graphite. All Idea a7OS hybrids and hybrid-iron sets are available in right- or left-handed models with shaft flexes of S, R or A and begin shipping to golf shops September 15. The suggested retail price (SRP) for the Idea a7OS hybrid iron sets is $799.99 for graphite and $699.99 for steel. The SRP for the individual Idea a7OS hybrids is $199.99 and will be available individually in 2- through 6-hybrids.

Women's: Available in right-handed, left-handed and petite, the women's Idea a7OS hybrid iron set features a Graffaloy 50-gram graphite shaft and will begin shipping to golf shops on September 15 with an SRP of $799.99. The seven-piece Idea a7OS Expandable Set is available in right-handed, left-handed and petite and will also begin shipping to retailers on September 15, with an SRP of $599.99.

Idea a7OS Max
For the first time ever, Adams Golf is expanding the Idea a7OS line to offer Idea a7OS Max, an all-hybrid set that is very easy-to-hit and delivers maximum confidence and forgiveness. A great option for golfers that love playing hybrids or those with handicaps that range from 25 to 36, the eight-piece Idea a7OS Max set consists of four wood-like hybrids and four iron-like hybrids. Each hybrid in the set is built with the advanced technology that consumers have come to expect from the makers of the No. 1 hybrid iron sets in golf: thin crowns and faces for maximum distance; extremely high MOI for maximum forgiveness; low back-weighting for maximum playability. Available in men's (3-6 wood-like hybrids; 7-PW iron-like hybrids), women's and seniors (both 4-7 wood-like hybrids, 8-SW iron-like hybrids), Idea a7OS Max ships to golf shops September 15 with a SRP of $849.99 (graphite) and $749.99 (steel) in the men's and seniors' sets, $849.99 (graphite) in the women's sets. The men's (stiff and regular) and seniors' sets are available in right- and left-handed with Graffaloy ProLaunch Axis Blue graphite shafts or True Temper Performance Lite steel shafts. The women's set is available in right-handed, left-handed and petite with Graffaloy graphite shafts.

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